Memories of Mont Amoena: Educating Young Women in Mount Pleasant, NC 1859-1927 is a University of North Carolina at Charlotte M. A. in Public History thesis project produced in partnership with the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society and Museum in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. Drawing upon archival material held at the museum, the Evangelical Lutheran Church James R. Crumley Jr. Archives (Columbia, S.C.), and the Lenoir Rhyne Carl Rudisill Library (Hickory, N. C.), and elsewhere, this online portal provides free access to a digital repository of primary sources and a collection of curated resources that tell the history of Mont Amoena Female Seminary. The site also explores the nineteenth century seminary system and historical issues in women’s education.

Click here for the written thesis.

This site has three goals:

  • To document and preserve the archive of Mont Amoena in an accessible digital format.
  • To tell the story of Mont Amoena in the context of local and regional history, and as an example of the 19th century’s southern seminary movement.
  • To be a forum for the community’s collective memory of the Mont Amoena experience; to open a window into a past society and culture through the sharing of information about the people, events and artifacts of Mont Amoena.

Memories of Mont Amoena: Educating Young Women in Mount Pleasant, NC 1859-1927 is a work in progress. Items are added as they are digitized and cataloged.

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