The first building offered a tennis and croquet field for light exercise; otherwise, the seminary promoted good health with daily walks through town or on the seminary grounds. When the new seminary building opened in 1913, the curriculum included athletics and a calisthenic program as a way to encourage overall health.  It provided an upgraded dirt court for croquet, tennis, and basketball. Teams formed and played against each other. In addition to maintaining good health, calisthenics helped give “graceful movements to the body.” The exercises included “free gymnastics” and dumb-bell drills. The new building had a gymnasium large enough to accommodate the entire school.

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Tennis Team, c. 1915.

1915 Basketball team.

Basketball team, c. 1917.

1921 Basketball team.

1923 Basketball team. Top: “Lib” Hedrick, Ethel Eudy, Ruth Bekerdite, Bessie Efird, Pauline Walter. Bottom: Salome Shirey, Virginia Lee Patterson, Thelma Seaford, ?.










The Tennis and Croquet Court at the first seminary building, c. 1896.