Barrier, Wiley Alexander

Wiley Alexander Barrier, c. 1861.

Wiley Alexander Barrier, undated.












Mont Amoena principal, 1871-1872

Birth: Jul. 29, 1836, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA
Death: Oct. 8, 1890, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

Daniel Barrier (1809 – 1887)
Nancy Matheson Barrier (1806 – 1849)

Half Siblings:
Augustus Cicero Barrier (1844 – 1926)
Laura Isabella Barrier Lentz (1855 – 1926)
Lawson Whitfield Barrier (1858 – 1882)
Mary Ella Barrier Welsh (1861 – 1928)
Daniel Dixon Barrier (1863 – 1940)
Margaret Catherine Barrier Bowman (1865 – 1928)
Emma Regina Barrier Heilig (1868 – 1926)
George Louis Barrier (1871 – 1912)

Civil War:
Enlisted June 15, 1861
Co. F, NC 1st Cavalry Regt.
Promoted to Full Captain, June 20, 1863.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery
Mount Pleasant, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

Source:, # 30083453.

The Standard (Concord, NC), October 9, 1890

Captain Barrier Dead
A Prominent Educator’s Work Done

Death is still in the land; it is no respector of persons, homes or places. It is a sad duty to record the death of any, but it is a peculiarity sad one for this writer in recording the death of a friend, a neighbor and advisor. After an illness of only two weeks, Capt. Wiley A. Barrier, of the Charlotte Macon School, passed away at 7:20 o’clock Monday evening. We find this in the Charlotte Chronicle that tells of his career:

Capt. Barrier stood in the front rank of the educators of the South. He was born in Cabarrus county in 1836, being a son of the late Daniel Barrier. He was an alumnus of North Carolina College (Lutheran) at Mt. Pleasant, and afterwards attended various institutions of learning at the North.

At the breaking out of the war he went into the Confederate army as First Lieutenant in Co. F., First North Cariolina Cavalry, under Capt. Rufus Barringer. When Capt. Barringer was promoted to General, Lieut. Barrier was made Captain of Co. F, and served faithfully to the end of the war.

After the war Capt. Barrier went to Tennessee, and then to Texas, where he was successful as a teacher. He returned to North Carolina in 1871, and taught school for two years with Rev. N. Aldridge. In 1873 Capt. Barrier founded the Macon School, in this city, and since that time the school has enjoyed an enviable reputation in this section of country.

Capt. Barrier stood with the highest in educational circles. In 1889 he was tendered, but declined, the presidency of North Carolina College at Mt. Pleasant – the State Lutheran College. He was a member of the Mecklenburg County Board of Education at the time of death.

Capt. barrier was a prominent member of the Lutheran Church, being the treasurer of the United Synod of the South, and a member of the Council of St. Mark’s Church here.

Capt. barrier was never married. He has two brothers who live at Mt. Pleasant, and a number of relatives in various parts of the State.

A great and good man’s work is done. His death is a loss that will be sorely felt. but Captain Barrier’s best monument will not be in brass and marble, but in the lives and careers of hundreds of young men whom he so efficiently and thoroughly prepared for life’s duties.

To the brothers, sisters and the whole family Capt. Barrier’s host of friends and admirers extend sincerest sympathy.