Bernhardt, Lena “Ethel”

Mont Amoena friends, c. 1926: Margaret Cline, Lala Correll, Dora Earnhardt, Pearl Bernhardt, Ethel Bernhardt.

Bernhardt, Ethel, 6 May 1926

Ethel Bernhardt, 6 May 1926.
Class of 1926.

Sisters Pearl Bernhardt Kluttz and Ethel Bernhardt Julian at the wedding of younger sister Catherine Bernhardt Safrit, 1939.


Ethel Bernhardt Julian and husband Cecil Julian, late 1960s.

Class of 1926
English Course

Birth: March 5, 1906, North Carolina
Death: January 17, 1971, Salisbury, Rowan, North Carolina

Joseph Clarence Bernhardt (1878 – 1956)
Mary Ann Upright Bernhardt (1882 – 1945)

Spouse: Cecil Cruse Julian (1898 – 1977)

Sidney Henderson Bernhardt (1904 – 1972)
Viola Pearl Bernhardt Kluttz (1908 – 1989)
Catherine L. Bernhardt Safrit (1913-2001)

Saint Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery
Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA

Source:, # 123824821

Glenna Sears (5 Sep 2017): “My beloved aunt, Lena Ethel Bernhardt, graduated in the class of 1926. I wear her 1926 Mont Amoena Seminary class ring every day. She finished her studies at Catawba College, and went on to teach 1st grade in Denton and then in the Rowan County Schools until her retirement. Her sister, my aunt, Pearl Bernhardt, was a member of the class of 1927, which I learned from your website was the last year of operation of the school. Pearl also finished her studies at Catawba College. She taught high school math for a time, and after she married, she and her husband, Julius Kluttz, lived in Greensboro, where Pearl worked for the IRS until her retirement. Pearl and Julius are both buried at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Salisbury.”

Mont Amoena friends, wedding, and Cecil and Ethel Julian photos courtesy of Glenna Sears.