Blackwelder, Lillie Amelia

Class of 1899
Graduation essay: “Our Late War Heroes”

Birth: 1875
Death: Jun. 9, 1964, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA

Henry Allison Blackwelder (1837 – 1890)
Sarah E. Parham Blackwelder (1843 – 1894)

Henry Antine McCullough (1865 – 1958)

Paul Gerberding McCullough (1903 – 1995)
Hazel McCullough Haltiwanger (1907 – 1993)
Henry A. McCullough (1909 – 2000)
Margaret McCullough Whittle (1912 – 1980)
John B McCullough (1917 – 2008)

James Wilson Blackwelder (1860 – 1936)
Henry Hampton Blackwelder (1865 – 1912)
Horace Miller Blackwelder (1866 – 1930)
Pinkney Davis Blackwelder (1877 – 1935)

Elmwood Memorial Gardens
Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA

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From Our Church Paper (New Market, VA), Vol. 27, No. 23, June 7, 1899, p. 3.


On Tuesday, May 30, 1899, in Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church, Mount Pleasant, N. C., Rev. H. A. McCullough, of Cameron. S. C., was married to Miss Lillie A. Blackwelder, of Concord, N.C. A few minutes after six o’clock in the evening the bridal party arrived at the church, and moving to the sweet notes of the wedding march the happy couple were soon ushered to the altar where, in the presence of a large assembly, they were pronounced man and wife. The writer officiated, being assisted by Rev. H. N. Miller, Ph. D., Principal of Mont Amoena Female Seminary.

Rev. McCullough was, for several years, the popular and successful pastor of the St. Andrew’s Mission at Concord, N. C., and is well known and highly esteemed by the citizens of Mount Pleasant. Miss Lillie Blackwelder has spent several years at the Seminary at this place, and, by her many amiable qualities, has greatly endeared herself to all who have learned to know her. She had just received her diploma as a graduate of Mont Amoena the day before her marriage.

After congratulations were offered they took their departure for Cleveland Springs, in the western part of North Carolina, where they will spend some days. After 20th of June they will be at home in the parsonage at Cameron, S. C. As the newly married couple set out upon their journey they were followed with the best wishes of their many friends of Mount Pleasant and the surrounding country. May their life be a happy and useful one, and be crowned with the blessing of heaven. M. G. G. Scherer.


State (Columbia, NC), May 24 1949. p.11.

Dr. and Mrs. H. A. McCullough to Celebrate Golden Wedding
In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, Dr. and Mrs. H. A. McCullough, with their seven children and their families, are having a family dinner at 1 p.m. Monday, May 30, at the Jefferson hotel. The children are: The Rev. Paul G. McCullough of White Rock; Mrs. W. B. Gouger (Miriam McCullough) of Southern Pines, N. C.; Mrs. W. L. Haltiwanger (Hazel McCullough) of Hamlet, N. C.: the Rev. Henry A. McCullough, Jr., of Lincolnton, N. C.; Mrs. A. T. Brown, Jr., (Sarah McCullough) of Columbia; Mrs. J. B. Baker (Margaret McCullough) of Sumter and the Rev. John B. McCullough of Aiken.

During his ministry, Doctor McCullough has married about a thousand couples, and on this 50th anniversary, every couple seems to stand vividly before him. He yet has that warm love for them and sends to every couple, wherever they may be, happy greetings, love and good wishes.

Doctor McCullough was pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran church, Columbia, for 34 years, retiring at the close of 1945, which was the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the ministry.

The following account of the wedding of Doctor and Mrs. McCullough appeared in The Daily Concord Standard, Concord, N. C., May 31, 1899.

“On Tuesday, May the 30th, 6 P.M. in Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church, Mt. Pleasant, N. C., Rev. H. A. McCullough of Cameron, South Carolina, and Miss Lily Blackwelder of Concord, North Carolina, were married. It was a beautiful church wedding, and all looked their best. Mr. W. A. Rast of Cameron, S. C., and Mr. Edward Fulenwider of Monroe, North Carolina, acted as ushers. The former is a member of the senior class at Newberry college this year, and the latter of North Carolina college. The attendants were Prof. George F. McAllister and Miss Gertrude Wessel, Rev. Y. Von A. Riser and Miss Mamie Miller, Mr. Walter Cook and Miss Belle Eddleman. The  lady attendants were schoolmates of the bride.

“The ceremony, performed by Rev. M. G. G. Sherer assisted by Rev. H. N. Miller, was a joining together of two persons who friends are numerous in our county and elsewhere. The bride is our county and belongs to one of the best families. She was amiable, winning and lovely in her ways, and during her school days at Mont Amoena, greatly endeared herself to all who learned to know her. She had just received her diploma as a graduate of Mont Amoena the day before her marriage. The groom is known here, too, having been the pastor of the St. Andrews charge here. He is liked not only for his duties as a minister, but for his sociable disposition. He is held in high esteem by many regardless of denomination.

“Miss Rose Miller of Virginia, escorted by Mr. J. D. Gates, of Cameron, S. C., played the strains of Mendelssohn’s march for the occasion, adding sublimity and sweetness.

“Immediately after the ceremony the couple came to Concord and went to Cleveland Springs in Western North Carolina where they will spend two weeks and will then visit his relatives. They will then go to Cameron, South Carolina where Rev. McCullough is pastor, and where a most comfortably provided parsonage awaits them.”