Class Play: “Everygirl,” 23 Apr 1915

The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 22 Apr 1915, 4.

“Everygirl” to Be Rendered by the Senior Class of the Seminary.

“Everygirl,” a humorous comedy play, will be presented by the senior class of Mont Amoena Seminary in the Mt. Pleasant auditorium tomorrow night at 8:30. The following young ladies will take part:

Misses Ruth Brown, Pearl Koontz, Martha Wingate, Ida Mae Setzler, Evelyn Thom, Annie Cooper, Lorene Brown, Mary Davis, Sophia Moose, Geneva Smith, Ethel Moose, Bonnie Misenheimer and Chrystine Miller.

The following is the story of the play:

Everygirl, who has just had a bad time with Exams, is now thoroughly in the power of Doleful Dumps, and wishes she did not have to go to school. Doleful Dumps, in order to hold her, gathers round him Slang, Jealously, Hate, and the chorus of Dunces. They try to keep Everygirl in their power, but Alma Mater calls to her, and, led by Love, Loyalty and Laughter, Everygirl begins to smile. The plotters lose their power over her, and even the Dunces and the disagreeable Clique are filled with a new desire to live and work in harmony with the spirit of the school.