Class Play: Rebecca’s Triumph, 14 Apr 1916

Rebecca’s Triumph was written by George Melville Baker (1832–1890), a playwright and publisher in Boston, Massachusetts, and was published in 1879. Plays of the period were often commissioned by a particular organization. This one was for the L. O. C. Cooking Club of Chicago and is indeed a story about the trials and tribulations of a young ladies cooking club. The play is a drama in three acts to be performed by female characters only. The senior class of Mont Amoena Seminary performed the play the evening of Friday, April 14 at 8:00 p.m. in the school auditorium.

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The Concord Daily Tribune, 13 Apr 1916, p. 1.

The drama, Rebecca’s Triumph, will be rendered by the Senior Class of Mont Amoena Seminary at the auditorium Friday evening, beginning at 8 o’clock. This is a benefit performance, the proceeds to be used towards furnishing one of the parlors at the Seminary. The play has been carefully rehearsed and deserves a good house.

Class Play at Mont Amoena.

The class of 1916 of Mont Amoena Seminary, which is composed of fourteen young ladies, will present a class play on Friday evening, April 14, 1916 at 8 o’clock in the auditorium, at Mt. Pleasant. The young ladies will give “Rebecca’s Triumph,” a drama in three acts. The cast is a follows:

Mrs. Rokeman, a wealthy lade (age forty) – Miss Frances McLaughlin.
Mrs. Delaine, a widow (age sixty) – Miss Catherine von Ohsen.
Rebecca, a foundling (age nineteen) – Miss Helen Martin.
Clarissa Codman, a spinster (age forty) – Miss Pinkie Radar.

Our Club
Dora Gaines – Miss Marvin Misenheimer.
Sadie Morrell – Miss Ida Harward.
Jennie Woodman – Miss Beulah Isenhour
Millie Dunbar – Miss Jennie Thomas.
Grace Greenwood – Miss Laura Lentz.
Maria Gray – Miss Lula Shoe.
Gussie Green – Miss Wilma Tucker

Katie Connor, an Irish girl – Miss Mary Stirewalt
Gyp, a colored girl – Miss Dorothy Bostian.
Meg, a vagrant – Miss Mae Haithcox

The prices of admission will be 25 and 15 cents.

The young ladies deserve a large audience. The proceeds will be used by the class to present a class gift their alma mater, which will be some muchly needed interior furnishings for the Seminary building.

The performers promise an evening of enjoyment and fun.