“The Striking of America’s Hour,” 15 Oct 1920

The Concord Daily Tribune, 12 Oct 1920, 1:
Pageant at Mt. Pleasant Friday Afternoon

The Young Peoples’ Missionary Society of Mont Amoena Seminary, Mt. Pleasant, N. C. will present the pageant ‘The Striking of America’s Hour’ Friday afternoon, October 15th at 4:30 on the front campus.

The pageant gives a story of the world. The nations of the past come before the Spirit of Brotherhood, Liberty, and Justice and are judged by them. Then America appears. She is a strong and powerful nation, but within her borders are illiteracy, poverty, and child labor. She does not seem to realize that the hour of her opportunity is striking. After her many peoples pass before her, she sees her responsibility and calls education, human consecration, and play to help her.

If the weather does not permit the pageant to be given on the campus, it will be presented in the auditorium that evening at 8 o’clock. A silver offering will be taken.