The Charlotte Democrat, May 31, 1878, p. 3

Mount Pleasant Female Seminary

The closing exercises of Mount Pleasant Female Seminary, under the charge of Prof. L. H. Rothrock, A. M., assisted by a competent corps of teachers took place on the night of the 27th inst.

On account of measles making a violent attack upon his School – there being as many as 30 cases at one time – it was thought that the annual exercises would have to be abandoned entirely but Prof. Rothrock’s unceasing energy, together with the splendid training of his students, overcame this difficulty and a nicer time by a select audience was never enjoyed in Mount Pleasant.

The juvenile exercises formed the first part of the programme, and the “beautiful little girls in white” performed their tasks to the perfect entertainment of the audience. Their songs with Misses Maggie Barrier and Lizzie Foil at the organ, and Misses Mattie McAllister and Sallie Cox as treble and alto singers were admirably rendered. Al the little girls went through with their recitations with distinctness and accuracy. The second part of the programme consisted of essays and music. The essays were well written and distinctly read – Miss Rosa Wadsworth opening and Miss Maude Alford closing. Miss Maggie Barrier’s Mocking Bird, Miss Rosa Wadsworth’s Mazurka and Miss Lizzie Foil’s wandering sprite were particularly attractive and called forth many expressions of approbation. The accomplished Music Teacher, Miss Ella Hargrave, being absent on account of the measles having taken charge of her department, Prof. Rothrock had to assign the work of preparation to the 3 young ladies last named, but they did their work well as good judges pronounce the whole affair a splendid success.

We bespeak for Prof. Rothrock a full School next term, which begins the 1st Monday in August next. This he richly deserves, for his ability to teach and his strict devotion to and untiring efforts to advance his pupils in their studies. In this he can have no superior.

Mt. Pleasant N. C., May 28, 1878.