From Our Church Paper (New Market, VA), Vol. 13, No. 14, May 28, 1885, p. 3.

Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary

The closing exorcises of the Female Seminary at this place formed a very important part of the events occurring in Mt. Pleasant during the week just passed.

The examination of classes was held on the 14th and the young ladies gave evidence by their work that they had been in the hands of faithful and competent instructors, and also that they had performed their duties in school. To the writer the examination is the most important part of the closing exerecises of any school, for it is to that part of the exercises that we must look for evidence of the training which is the basis of a liberal and profound education. The young ladies acquitted themselves very creditably, a fact that should be satisfactory to the patrons and should be an encouragement to the Principal in his arduous duties as an instructor.

As usual the concert brought the crowd. Every person who has a soul in the true sense is a lover of music, especially of good music. Hence the concerts at the Seminary never fail to draw out a large audience.

The church in which the concert was held was packed full, notwithstanding the weather foreboded more rain as it had been raining during the day. The large audience were not disappointed in their expectations. The people expected good music, and good music both vocal and instrumental they heard. The following programme was carried out’to the letter:

Annual Concert by the Young Ladies of Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary, Wednesday Evening, May 20th, 1885, directed by Mrs. M. A. Kliffmuller.

Part 1

1. Welcome to Night.—Chorus—White. Vocal Class.
2. My First Redown, Two Pianos and Organ, Dorn. Pianos, Misses C. Hilker, B. Bivcns, E. Mlsenheimer, and L. Miller. Organ, J. Blackwelder.
3. Salut a’ Prague—Piano Duo. Labitzky. Misses E. Fisher and A. Fries.
4. My Fatherland—Piano Solo. Rheinbauer. Miss C. Rothhrock.
5. What are the Wild Waves Saying ? Glover. Vocal Duo—Misses Maggie Barrier and J. Cook.
б. Violet Polka, Mazurka—Piano Duo. Faust. Misses L. and J. Blackwelder.
7. Old Folks at Home, Fantasie. Challoner. Piano Solo—Miss M. Barrier.
8. Doux Espoir, Nocturne. Battmann. Piano and Organ—Misses 1.. Miller and J. Cook. 9. My First Waltz—2 Pianos and Organ. Dorn. Pianos, Misses I. Nuuamaker, J. Patterson, M. and E. Holshauser. Organ, M. Miller.

Part 11.
1. Sounds From the Ohio —2 Pianos. K. Merz. Misses L. Shimpock, S. Deaton, J. Suther and M. Dreher.
2. The Happy Wanderer—Piano Duot. Meyer. Misses M. Miller and E. Poole.
3. Listen to tho Woodbirds Song.—Smart. Vocal Duo—Misses M. Lentz and M. Barrler.
4. Desire Waltz—Organ Solo. Beethoven. Miss L. Blackwelder.
5. Amaranth, Mazurka de Concert. Wehuer. Piano Solo —Miss J. Cook.
6. Those Evening Bells, Hubbard. Vocal Quartette—Sop., Misses M. Lentz, J.Cook; Alto, M. Barrier.
7. Down tho Mississippi- Piano Solo. Louis. M. E. Misenheimer.
8. Homage to Verdi—2 Pianos. Duroc. Misses Barrier, Lentz, Cook, and Kindley.
9. Beautiful Moonlight —Chorus. Glover. Vocal Class.

The concert closed the exercises at the Seminary. The next session will begin the first Monday in August. Parents can not do better than to send their daughters to this school. Rev. Prof. Linn has thus far proved himself to be the right man in the right place, and spares no pains to educate the young ladies placed in his charge. The session just closed was his first, and 62 names have been enrolled which certainly should be a source of encouragement to him.