The Concord Times (Concord, NC), June 9, 1887, p. 3.

Commencement at Mt. Pleasant

The commencement exercises of the College and Seminary at Mount Pleasant last week were largely attended, notwithstanding the unfavorable weather. The number of visitors from other counties was greater than for several years past.

The exercises began on Sunday, May 29, with the Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. W. G. Campbell, of Concord. Mr. Campbell is a pleasing talker and made a deep impression upon the large congregation which had assembled to hear him. His theme was “True Manliness,” and the manner in which he discussed it, every sentence sparkling with thought and sound advice, ought to be kept in lasting remembrance by those to whom it was delivered in particular.

The Academic exercises were held on Monday night at the College, the young men giving an exhibition consisting of declamations and dialogues. This was the evening to get in their fun, a matter the young gentlemen attended to with their customary zeal.

Tuesday night in the church the Literary Societies held held their annual contest. Wednesday morning the contestants for the declaimers medals exhibited their proficiency in the declaimer’s art. At 12 o’clock, Rev. R. A. Yoder, of Newton, delivered the Alumni Address, the theme being, “From the Human to the Divine.” The address was well constructed and delivered with effect, the speaker holding the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end of the discourse.

The ladies of the Seminary gave their concert on Wednesday night. The rendering of the music showed that the pupils had been under the training of a music instructor of no ordinary efficiency. Prof. Linn has been very fortunate in securing the services of one so eminently competent to direct the work in the music department. Miss Vollers came highly recommended and she has fully sustained the flattering testimonials of those who knew her. She will have charge of the music department in the Seminary next year.

The address before the Literary Societies had been announced Thursday morning, but owing to some reason as yet unexplained, the speaker did not appear.

The graduating exercises being next in order, Miss Jennie Cook, of the Seminary read her address on the subject, “Commencement Day.” L. E. Heilig followed with an address on, “Napoleon Bonaparte.” H. M. Petrea then delivered the closing address on the subject, “The Rise and Influence of Christianity.” The addresses were well composed and delivered in a manner that has received the praise of all who were present.

Prof. Linn then in a very graceful manner presented Miss Cook a diploma, announcing that she had taken the course of study as prescribed in the Seminary.

The degree of Bachelor of Arts was conferred upon L. E. Heilig and H. M. Petrea.

Next in order came the presentation of medals. Dr. J. W. Moose, President of the Alumni Association in a very handsome style presented the Declaimers medal, which he announced, the committee had awarded to A. H. Penninger. There were four other contestants who acquitted themselves with great credit, but only one could get the medal.

Rev. G. A. Oglesby followed Dr. Moose, with a very appropriate and pleasing address, awarding and presenting a medal to B. S. Nunamaker. The medal was given by the Phi-Sigma-Phi Society to the member who should make the greatest improvement during the term in the work pertaining to the Society.

Music during all the exercises by the Mt. Pleasant band.

The next session of each school begins Monday, August 29th.ontnt