From Our Church Paper (New Market, VA), Vol. 20, No. 25, 22 Jun 1892, p. 2.

North Carolina College Commencement.

The commencement exercises of North Carolina College, Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, were inaugurated on Sunday, May 25. The baccalaureate sermon was preached by Rev. W. S. Bowman, D. D., of Charlotte, N. C. The sermon was regarded as able, pertinent, and eloquent.

On Monday morning a contest took place between six young men for the medal for the best in declamation. This medal is confined to students in the academic department. The following arc the young gentlemen who entered the contest : H. A. Eddleman, China Grove, N. C.; C. D. Cobb, McLeansville, N. C.; C. W. Harris, Lydia, S. C.; G. E. Boger, Flows, N. C.; B. Y. Funderburk, Dudley, S. C.; W. F. H. Ketchie, China Grove, N. C. The committee to award the medal was Rev. T. T. Salzer, Geo. B. Cromer and E. H. Aull.

Whilst they all acquittod themselves in a most commendable and praiseworthy manner, the medal was awarded to Mr. C. W. Harris.

In the afternoon, the contest in oratory took place. There were only three contestants. Their speeches were good indicating care and thought in preparation, and were well delivered. The young gentlemen were J. L. Graham, China Grove, N. C., subject—”Southern Chivalry”; Victor McCauly, Salem, Va., subject—”Write upon the hearts of men”; D. K. Pope, Huntersville, N. C., subject—”Ambition.”

The medal was awarded Mr. D. K. Pope.

On Monday night the Junior exhibition took place. There are only two in that class, and they are brothers, the Messrs. Boger, of Flows, N. C.

On Tuesday morning, an address before the Literary Societies, was made by Geo. B. Cromer, Esq., of Newberry, S. C. In regard to this address, the North Carolina, Concord Standard says: “It was graceful, able and entertaining.”

Rev. F. P. Cook, of Ada, Ohio, of the class of 1873, delivered the Alumni Address. He was pleasantly introduced by Prof. J. A. Linn, president of the Association, and for seven years a class-mate of Air. Cook’s. His subject was the “Leadership of Educated Men.”

The address was excellent and made a most favorable impression. It was timely and impressive.

On Tuesday night, the exercises took place in the Female Seminary of that place. The annual concert was given by the young ladies in the Seminary. The concert proved a complete success, the young ladies acquitting themselves to the gratification and delight of all. The following was the programme:

Piano quartette, “‘Wedding March,” (Mendelssohn), Misses A. Shirey, B. Harrison, G. Heilig, L.Fesperman; piano duette, “The Village Band,” (L. Meyer,) Misses Linda and Cora Peschau; piano solo, “Autumn Echoes,” (F- Richmond,) Miss Effie Misenheimer; piano quartette, “Golden Locks,” (C. Bohm,) Misses J. Linn, L. Peschau, E. Misenheimer, B. Harrison ; vocal duo “Wandering in the Maytime,” (Glover,) Misses Cora Peschau and Lula Fesperman; piano solo, “Angels’ Voices,” (R. Goerdeler,) Miss Lula Fesperman ; piano solo, “Diploma Waltz,” (Streabog,) Misses C. Pesshau, F. Miller, L. Hartman; piano solo, “Fifth Nocturne,” (Leyback,) Miss Alma Shirey; piano duet, “Butterfleld,” polka mazurka, (Striebog,) Miss L. Linn, Master Myron Linn; piano duo, “IlTrovatore,” Fantasie Biilliante, (H Alberto,) Misses A. Shirey and Effie Misenheimer; piano solo, “Silver Waltz,” (Bachman,) Miss B. Harrison ; vocal solo, “When the dewdrops kiss the Daisies,” (C. D. Blake,) Miss Linda Peschau; piano duet, Young Bugler’s Galop,” (C. Merz,) Misses J, Linn and L. Fesperman ; piano solo, “Shadows of the Swananoah,” (Meares,) Miss Grace Heilig; piano duet, “Qui Vivo Galop,” (Ganz,) Misses E. Misenheimer and G. Heilig; piano quartette, “Crown Diamonds Overture,” (Auber,) Misses G. Heilig, E. Misenhcimer, A. Shirey and B. Harrison.

On Wednesday, commencement day, a large audience assembled. There were but two graduates this year,—Mr. J. A. Graham, of China Grove, N. C., and Mr. Chas. H. Barnhardt, of Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. These addresses were followed by the awarding of diplomas, presenting of medals, conferring of degrees and making announcements.

The President, Rev. Shirey, then conferred the degree of Bachelor of Arts upon Mr. J. A. Graham and Bachelor of Philosophy upon Mr. C. H. Bernhardt and the degree of Master of Arts upon Mr. J. H. Dreher. The prospects for this school are good. It is worthy of patronage.