From Our Church Paper (New Market, VA), Vol. 23, No. 21, May 22, 1895, p. 2.


We acknowledge with thanks the reception of the following cards from Prof. C. L. T. Fisher, Prof. E. B. Setzler, and Misses Ludara Van Poole, Jennie Cook, and Essie Wyse, teachers, Mt. Pleasant, N. C.:

The Graduating Class of North Carolina College desires your prescnce at the exercises of Commencement week, June 2-5, 1895.

Program: Sunday, June 2, Baccalaurcatc Sermon —Rev. E. A. Wingard, D. D.
Monday, June 3, 10:30 a. m., medal contest in declamation.
Monday, June 3, 8.00 p. m., Junior orations, modal contest.
Tuesday, June 4, 10:30 a.m., address to literary societies—Hon. T. J. Jarvis.
Tuesday, June 4, 2:30 p. m., alumni address —Rev. A. L. Yount.
Wednesday, June 5, 10.30 a. m., graduating exercises.
Class roll—C. D. Cobb, W. M. Cook, C. B. Cox, J. D. Fisher, B. B. Miller, W. W. J. Ritchie, L. S. Shirey.
Marshals : Philalaethian—J. H. Barnhardt, H. E. Barrier, A. L. Patterson ; Phi Sig Ma Phi —E.  Fulenwider, P. E. Monroe, J. L. Morgan; T. C. Parker, Chief.

The Graduating Class of Mont Amoena Female Seminary request your presence at our Commencement exercises, Wednesday evening, June 5, at 7.30 o’clock, Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina.

Saturday, 7.30 p. m., June 1, calisthenic drill and Senior Class exercises.
Sunday, 11 a. m., June 2, baccalaureate sermon by Rev. E. A. Wingard, D. D.
Sunday, 7.30 p. m., June 2, address before missionary society by Rev. L. E. Busby, A. M.
Tuesday, 7.30 p. m., June 4, musical concert.
Wednesday, 2 p. in., June 5, art display.
Wednesday, 7.30 p. m., June 5, graduating exercises.

Gradation ’95—Julia Katherine Barrier. Jeannette Elizabeth Lentz, Susan Frances Lippard, Jennie Bell Ludwig, Julia Ludwig.