The Concord Times (Concord, NC), June 4, 1896, p. 3


The Sermon by Dr. Voight, and the Address by Mr. McKesson – The Concert and Graduating Exercises.

Commencement at N. C. College and Mont Amoena Seminary, at Mt. Pleasant, took place this week.

On Sunday, May 31, the baccalaureate sermon was delivered by Rev. A. G. Voight, D. D. professor in the theological seminary, Newberry, S. C. He preached from the text, “Seek the best gifts.” The sermon, as was expected, was of a high order, and the advice given the young ladies and gentlemen graduating from the two institutions was delivered in a manner lastingly impressive.

Sunday night Rev. Dr. S. S. Rahn, of Monroe, N. C., delivered the annual address to the ladies’ missionary society. His theme was, “Woman, her sphere and work.” The address was well listened to and made a marked impression upon the audience.

Monday at 10:30 a.m. the declaimers held their medal context. the contestants were Alonzo Blackwelder, Henderson Ridenhour, Clifford Fisher, Harry Hendrix, John C. Fulenwider, W. M. Petrea. The committee decided that Mr. Blackwelder had delivered the best declamation, and accordingly awarded the medal to him.

At 8 p.m. Monday the juniors delivered their orations, contesting for a medal at the same time. The class consisted of Wade A. Barrier, George F. McAllister and Benedict M. Setzler.

The committee, after duly considering the merits of the compositions and delivery of the orations, awarded the medal to Mr. Setzler.


Although the weather was very unfavorable this morning, a large crowd of anxious hearers assembled at the church at 10:30 o’clock to greet the distinguished speaker of the occasion. The Hon. C. F. McKesson, of Morganton, had been selected to address the two literary societies on that occasion.

After the rendering of several most excellent pieces by the Mt. Pleasant band, the exercises were opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Huddle.

After prayer, Rev. Mr. Giles, pastor of the Methodist church, in a very pleasant and attractive manner introduced the speaker.

Mr. McKesson’s address was one among the best we ever heard. While he did not announce a stated subject, his remarks embodied this thought, that obstacles when properly met, are and incentive to success. It is impossible for us to give a description of this excellent address. The thought throughout was practical and impressively delivered. The speech was embellished by witty, original remarks and beautiful illustrations. The speaker began by saying: “As I look at this audience this morning, I am reminded of a remark that Gov. Vance once made. He said, ‘Cabarrus county is noted for the best roads and crookedest fences, best buttermilk and fattest cattle, prettiest women and ugliest men of any county in the State.'” The address was delivered in about forty-five minutes. The speaker was applauded quite often in the course of his remarks. Mr. McKesson is a very pleasant man and an interesting speaker, and his visit to Mt. Pleasant will not be forgotten early.

At 3 o’clock p.m. was the hour for the Alumni address. The exercise was opened with prayer by Rev. H. W. Miller. Prof. H. T. J. Ludwig then introduced Rev. C. W. Sifferd, of Newark, Ohio, who delivered an address to the Alumni, his subject being “Ideal Manhood.” We have heard the address well spoken of. It contained thought well adapted to the mature minds of the members of the Association. Mr. Sifford is a member of the class of ’74. He was glad to see his alma mater once more, and all the people were glad to be favored with his presence.

At 8 o’clock p.m. the young ladies of the Seminary gave a concert. It was welll rendered and each lady did her part in a creditable way. The following was the programme:

Quartet – Homage to Verdi, …Arr. Duroc.
Misses Ida Blume, Vergie Shoup, Addie Patterson and Maggie Hunter.
Song – Mermaid’s Evening Song, …Glover.
Misses Zenith Layton, Minnie Derrick, Ella Walter, Addie Boger, Emma Lipe, Effie Misenhiemer.
Piano Solo – Sonata Pathetique, …Beethoven.
Miss Ida Blume.
Recitation – “The Christening,” …
Miss Effie Misenhiemer.
Piano Solo – Polka de la Reine, …Raff
Miss Constance Cline.
Vocal Solo – Patience Rewarded, … Pinsuti
Miss Ida Blume.
Recitation – The New Lochinvar, …
Miss Virgie Shoup.
Overture – Tancredi, …Rossini
Misses Maggie Hunter, Zenith Layton, Venora Blackwelder, Virgie Shoup, Emma Lipe, Lela Moser, Addie Jenny.
Piano Solo – Feu Follet, …De Grau
Miss Mary Hebndrix.
Recitiation – The Shadow of a Song, …
Miss Maggie Hunter.
Piano Solo – Ungarische Fantasle, …Liszt
Miss Effie Misenheimer.
Vocal Solo – L’Estasi Valse, …Aditi, Swiss Echo Song, …Fckert
Miss Addie Patterson.
Sextect – Rhapsodie No. 2, …Liszt
Misses Ida Blume, Rosa Wyse, Constance Cline, Addie Patterson, Effie Misenheimer and Minnie Derrick.


The exercises were open with prayer by Rev. C. W. Sifferd.

The graduates then delivered their addresses, the speakers and subjects being as follows:

Herbert E. Barrier, Salutatory and Looking Forward.
Caleb P. Nifong, The Progress of Science.
Theodore C. Parker, True Greatness.
Charles E. Boger, Looking Backward and Valedictory.

The medals were then presented as follows, an appropriate address being delivered in each case:

Medal for best written examination in Bible History, presented B. M. Setzler, Pomavia, S. C.
Declaimer’s medal to Alonzo Blackwelder, Concord, N. C.
Orator’s medal to B. M. Setzler, Pomavia, S. C.


The following having received an average grade of 93 and upward for the session were awarded first distinction: H. E. Barrier, C. E. Boger, C. P. Nifong, T. C. Parker, W. A. Barrier, Geo. F. McAllister, B. M. Setzler, Edward Fulenwider, Alonzo Blackwelder.

The following having received an average grade of 88 and under 93 were awarded second distinction:

S. E. Linton, J. D. Doscher, E. E. Hendrix, C. E. Betts, G. H. Moose, J. O. Fulenwider, C. P. Fisher, J. V. Sutton.


The degree of Bachelor of Arts was conferred upon each member of the graduating class as named above.

The degree of Master of Arts was conferred on each of the following former graduates:

John M. Cook, class of ’90; H. E. H. Sloop, class of ’91; J. A. Graham, class of ’92; M. A. Boger, class of ’93.

The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred on Rev. Prof. J. C. Moser, Hickory, N. C., and Rev. C. W. Sifferd, Newark Ohio.

The exercises were then closed with benediction.

The graduating exercises of the Seminary took place Wednesday night. The programme was faultlessly carried out. There were nine essays. Miss Lela Moser read the valedictory and Miss Rosa Wyse the salutatory.

Miss Lela Moser got the medal for the highest average in her studies. The medal was presented to her by Dr. Voight in a neat speech.

Misses Belle Shirey, Essie Wyse, Ludora Poole and Fannie Lippard resigned as teachers in the Seminary, and the following were chosen to fill the vacancies: Misses Erie Caldwell, Julia Hentz and Zenith Layton.

The commencement was well attended. The Mount Pleasant band furnished music for  the occasion and added much to the pleasure enjoyed during the exercises.