From Our Church Paper (New Market, VA), Vol. 26, No. 17, April 27, 1898, p. 2.

Mt. Pleasant Commencement.

Interesting Exercises at the Institutions of the North Carolina Synod.

We make up the following report from our exchanges:

In Holy Trinity church, Mt. Pleasant, N. C Sabbath morning, May 30th, Rev. Karl Boldt, D. D., preached the baccalaureate sermon based on John 1:36 51.

The lofty heights to which the speaker leads an attentive hearer, the gentle and loving phraseology with which he is so gifted and the inspiring fervor that flows through his whole effort lends you from the speaker to him whom he holds to the wondering gaze o the contrite soul. Rev. Boldt is an accomplished scholar, and a most effective preacher. His discourse was learned and was delivered with happy effect.

At 8 p. m., Rev. J. D. Steffey, pastor of St. John’s, near Concord, addressed the Woman’s Home and Foreign Missionary society of the Seminary.

His subject was “Enthusiasm for Humanity.” It was easily applied to those addressed and the speaker was happy in his application, furnishing food for reflection, light for guidance, incentive for persevering action and comfort for efforts already made.


On Monday morning tho contest for the Declaimers’ Medal was held, beginning at 10:30. The declamiations were without exception well delivered, the contest being one of the best ever held for the medal.

The following were the contestants: D. L. Goodman, Concord; D. L. Johnson, Burdette; H. C. McEachern, Mt. Pleasant; Edw. L. Ritchie, Govern ; Chas. R. Pless, Concord; T. M. Wiley, Mt. Pleasant.

The medal was awarded to T. M. Wiley, with Edward Ritchie second.


On Monday night Messrs. P. E. Monroe, of Salisbury, and C. E. Moser, of Mt. Pleasant, members of the Junior class, delivered orations. The gentlemen acquitted themselves very creditably to themselves and the college.


On Tuesday morning at 10:30 a. m., Rev. H. A. MoCullough, of Concord, delivered the literary address before the societies. Rev. McCullough took for his subject, ”Wanted— A Man,” and handled it in a manner at once impressive and effective. He urged that intellectual culture which makes the alumnus greater than his diploma, that adds prestige to his Alma Mater.


The exercises Tuesday afternoon formed a most interesting part of commencement. Rev. J. C. Moser, D. D., of Hickory, offered prayer. President Clarence G. Heilig of the College Alumni Association read the roll and gave some statistics that the Alumni numbered 55, eight of whom are deceased, and that, 19 of these had entered the ministry and 16 the profession of teaching.


Was delivered Tuesday afternoon by Rev. C. B. Miller, pastor of St. James church, Concord. He made some happy introductory remarks, and was profuse in his praise of Mt. Pleasant and vicinity who bore with the foibles of youthful folly, forgave whatever seemed once a wrong, and greeted the literary sons of their noble institution with the most cordial welcome on their return. His subject was, ”The Church and the College, or Education in Religion,” a theme which he treated admirably. The speaker showed much study of and familiarity with colleges and their results in harmony with and as the results of Christianity.

The reunion exorcises proper were then opened by Prof. J. P. Cook, who read a well timed and enthusiastic paper on the college. Capt. Jonas Cook then gave an interesting narrative of the early days of the college, including its financial history during the war period which dissipated an endowment fund of $20,000. Rev. Dr. H. N. Miller followed and inspired pride and fresh enthusiasm by his theme—the future of the college. The facts and figures of Dr. Miller were calculated to show what had been done and to arouse greater efforts for the progress of tho college with a faculty so faithful and efficient. Prof. H. T. J. Ludwig then followed in his usual inimitable and happy manner, closing with appeals of wisdom and counsel to the students.

All who heard the addresses expressed themselves highly pleased. The Alumni were well represented.

Rev. B. L. Patterson, of Union Bridge, Md., was elected Alumni orator for ’98.

Preliminary measures were taken to celebrate the semi-centennial jubilee of the college in 1899.


On Tuesday night the young ladies of the Seminary held their annual concert, and standing room was at a premium, the building being taxed beyond its seating capacity. There were fourteen numbers on the programme, represented in its execution by more than fifty performers in the aggregate, counting several young ladies who took part more than once. The usual high standard of music taught at Mont Amoena was fully sustained, and the high character of the exercises showed that Misses Cook and Misenheimer are excellent teachers in this department.


Wednesday morning, the ten young lady graduates of Mont Amoena and the two gentlemen graduates of the college occupied the platform. The address, etc., were:

Miss Virginia Shoop, Florida, Salutatorian ; B. M. Setzler, Pomana, S. C., “The Future of Our Republic”; Miss Willie Weimer, South Carolina, German essay; Geo. F. McAllister, Mt. Pleasant, Valedictorian, “Final Civilization.”

The ten graduates of Mont Amoena are: Misses Anetta S. H. Boozer, Minnie Holman, Marguerite L. Hunter, Addie E. Jenney, Jessie M. Layton, Effle M. Misenheimer, Margaret B. Muller, Addie E. Patterson, Wilhelmina C. Weimer, and E. Virginia C. Shoup.

The class held unique and interesting exercises on Saturday evening, when Miss Virgie Shoup read the class prophecy, and Miss Kerenhappuch Boozer the class insignia. The vocal and instrumental music and calisthenic drill were also good.


President Scherer of the college formally conferred the degree of A. B. upon Messrs. McAllister and Setzler of the graduating class; the degree of A. M., regularly on Rev. R. L. Bame, of the class of ’91, and on Dr. C. H. Barnhardt, of the class of ’92, also the honorary degree of A. M. on C. M. Pool, M. D., of Craven, N. C., and Rev. C. C. Lyerly, of Copal Grove.

A medal for the highest proficiency in the class in Bible history, to Jacob Morgan; presentation by Rev. W. S. Bowman, D. D.; Greek Medal, to Edward Fullenwider; presentation by Rev. C. B. Miller; Alumni Medal for declamation to F. Marion Wiley; presentation by Rev. C. C. Lyerly.

Highest merits in progress in music in Mont Amoena Seminary, medal offered by Miss Jennie Cook, teacher, won by Miss Ida Blume; presentation by Rev. H. A. McCullough.


The Board of Trustees of North Carolina College having accepted the resignation of Prof. E. B. Setzler, President Scherer announced that Prof. Edgar Bowers had been elected to fill the vacancy. He is a graduate of Roanoke College in the class of ’88, had taken first honors, and was recommended most highly by the faculty of Roanoke College, and has been teaching eight years. He also announced that it is entirely probable that Prof. Bowers will enter upon the work.

Rev. P. H. E. Derrick resigned as tutor of the preparatory department and the Board elected Mr. George F. McAllister, class of ’97, to fill the vacancy.

Prof. Scherer said that the usual medals would be awarded next year. He also announced the acceptance of Rev. H. N. Miller, Ph. D., to be the head of Mont Amoena Seminary, and that he would be formally inaugurated at the opening of next session.

Dr. Miller then announced that the next session of Mont Amoena Seminary would open on the 9th of September, and that there would be a medal given for the best English essay, also a scholarship and deportment medal given by the Vice-Principal, and a medal for the best examination on Chambers’ United States History, given by Prof. Jas. P. Cook.

In the afternoon the alumni of Mont Amoena Seminary met and organized an association. This meeting was unique in that, of the 58 alumna of the institution, 57 were present at its organization, and out of the whole number no death has occurred; however, there are a striking number of them that refuse to answer to the names by which they were called at graduation. Miss Jennie Cook was made president; Miss Leah Blackwelder, vice-president; Miss Alma Shirey, secretary, and Miss Effie Misenheimer, treasurer.