The Concord Daily Tribune, May 25, 1914, p. 1


Rev. G. H. Cox, D. D. Delivered the Baccalaureate Sermon – Rev. V. C. Ridenhour Address the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. – Large Crowd Present

Mount Pleasant, May 25. – Commencement proper began yesterday when Rev. G. H. Cox, D. D., of Spencer, delivered the baccalaureate sermon. the exercises began at 11 o’clock. Music was furnished by the students of the two schools, which was very good, consisting of several selected anthems, and a few hymns. Then Rev. R. A. Goodman, president of the Seminary, introduced Dr. G. H. Cox. who made an excellent address. He held the attention of the crowd throughout his entire address and just before he closed he spoke directly to the seniors of the two schools, who arose until he had finished.

Then the choir sang a few hymns and several announcements were made, stating the time when the other exercises would be held.

Then the benediction was pronounced by Rev. C. R. Pless and the large audience was dismissed.

The afternoon was spent in quietness at the different homes, meeting and conversing with friends.

At 8 o’clock the crowd again assembled in the auditorium where an interesting programme was rendered, consisting of the following: Hymn 138, “Jesus Calls Us O’er the Tumult.” Scripture reading and prayer by Dr. G. H. Cox, Hymn 93, “Speed Away.” Address by Rev. V. C. Ridenhour, of Albemarle. Special music by choir. Collection. Announcements. Hymn No. 117, ” Now the Day is Over.” Then the benediction by Rev. C. F. Sherrill.

The address was enjoyed by all present. It showed that the speaker had put much time and labor on his address, for he delivered an excellent one.

The two associations should congratulate themselves upon having such an able speaker to address them. Mr. Ridenhour is a graduate of the college, and was reared near here. This is the first commencement Rm Ridenhour has attended here in fifteen years, but we earnestly hope he will be able to spend quite a few days with us in the future.

Visitors, consisting of friends and old students are coming on from all around. The farmers are coming in and enjoying the exercises.

The programme will end Wednesday, May 27th. A contest in declamation at 10:30 will be held today and at 3:30 p.m. the annual address before the literary societies will be delivered by Rev. P. D. Brown and in the evening at 8 o’clock the drama, “Valley Farm,” will be rendered by representatives of the two schools.

Tuesday’s Programme.

Debate. Query: Resolved, That the President of the United States Should be Elected for a Term of Six Years and Should be Ineligible for Reelection.

First speaker on the affirmative, E. T. Cronk.
First speaker on the negative, S. M. Edwards.
Second speaker on the affirmative, E. K. Bodie.
Second speaker on the negative, W. W. Johnston.
Third speaker on the affirmative, O. F. Blackwelder.
Third speaker on the negative, E. W. Fisher.
Decision of judges.

Tuesday Evening’s Programme.

The following will be the programme of the Students’ Recital at th Seminary Tuesday evening:

Chorus: Springtime, Wooler – Chorus class.
Piano: Butterfly, Merkel – Miss Helen James.
Reading: Dawson’s Woman, Miller – Miss Carrie Miller.
Violin: Meadow Queen, Franklin – Miss Ossie Dry.
Reading: Ma’amoiselle, Guertin – Miss Bonnie Misenheimer.
Piano: Impromptu, Rheinhold – Miss Bernice Long.
Reading: Jim Fenton’s Wedding, Holland – Miss Cora Peninger.
Piano Trio: Le Secret, Gautier – Misses Helen James, Mildred Barrier and Ida May Setzler.
Songs: (a) constancy, Webber. (b) Come to the Garden, Love, Salter – Miss Annie Lea Pless.
Reading: Old Age, Brooke – Miss Katherine Fisher.
Piano: Il Trovatore, Verdi-Hoffman – Miss Helen Misenheimer.
Reading: The End of the Task, Lessing – Miss Evelyn Thom.
Chorus: (a) Last Night, Kjerulf. (b) The Vine Gatherers, Denza-Bartlett – Chorus class.

Members of chorus class: Sopranos – Misses Dorothy Bostian, Addie Cline, Annie Cooper, Esther Heishman, Sarah Hoffman, Leona McCombs, Lena Moose, Evelyn Thom. Altos – Misses Ethel Gnann, Miss Annie Lea Pless, Helen Misenheimer.

Wednesday’s Programme.

The following will be the programme for Wednesday’s exercises:

Graduating Essays M. A. S.

“The Nativity Pantomime,” – Miss Marguerite Cline.
“Some Historical Mysteries,” – Miss Laura Ellen Heilig.
“Through Nature to God,” – Miss Esther Heishman.
“Quantity Versus Quality,” – Miss Carrie Lelia Miller.
“Tennyson, a Consummate Artist,” – Miss Helen Kathleen Misenheimer.
“Vocational School a Necessity,” – Miss Hattie Della Moose.

Graduating Orations M. P. C. I.

“Money or Character,” – O. S. Bowden.
“The Really Great,” – Z. L. Edwards.
“Brotherhood the Keynote of the Twentieth Century,” – P. E. Monroe.
“Modern Knighthood,” – F. R. Peck.
“National Prohibition,” – C. O. Ritchie.
“The Crisis Confronting Protestantism,” – C. E. Ridenhour.
Announcing of distinctions, awarding medals, presentation of diplomas and general announcements.