The Concord Times (Concord, NC), Thursday, 30 May 1918, p. 7.

Overflow Audience at the Auditorium
 – A Splendid Programme Carried Out

Perhaps no part of the commencement exercises at Mt Pleasant are looking forward to with a greater degree of pleasure than the annual concert by the music pupils of Mont Amoena Seminary, which is always given on Tuesday evening of Commencement week. Last night at 8:30 found an overflow audience in the Seminary auditorium to enjoy the evening, the occasion being the annual concert. A splendid program had been arranged by Prof. H. A. Stirewalt, director of the music department, and for an hour or more the audience was entertained, the programme being made up from the best composers. Before the concert began Mr. Stirewalt made a few remarks in regard to the work of the departments and stated that the performers of the evening had been selected in view of the grade they had made during the session.

The programme as published yesterday was given, and every number was well rendered and enthusiastically received by the large audience present.

Mont Amoena is to be congratulated on having had Mr. Stirewalt at the head of its music department, as the work of last evening showed that he is a teacher of ability.

It is with regret, however, that Mr. Stirewalt will not be a member of the Seminary faculty for next year, as he has been drafted, and reports today to the Board at Salisbury for military service. He has been “granted” a leave of absence and will return to Mont Amoena when the war is over.

The following programme was rendered:

Polonaise Brilliante ——– Decevee

Piano I. Misses Helen James and Amy Fisher
Piano II. Misses Winifred Bodie and Queen Graeber.

Narcissus ——–Ethelbert Neven

Miss Mary M. Barrier

Song – Love’s Sorrow ——–Harry Rowe Shelley

Miss Martha Dreher

Hide and Seek ——–Charles Dennee

Miss Wilhelmina Allman

When We Haven’t Said Our Prayers ——–Bliss
Reading with Piano Accompaniment

Miss Ruth Blackwelder

Soldiers Chorus from “Faust” ——–Charles Gounod

Piano I. Misses Elizabeth Foil and Ruth James
Piano II. Misses Mary Barrier and Pearle Fisher

Song – Serenade, “Wild Bird” from Fencing Master ——–R. DeKoven

Miss Rosalyn Summer and Male Quartet – Messrs. Stirewalt, J. J. Misenheimer, Ritchie and J. Schenck.

Dancing Doll ——–Seeboeck

Miss Bonnie Lee

Reading –

a. A Silent Partner
b. Cupid’s Plea
Miss Juanita Peacock

Tarentelle ——– Heller

Piano I. Miss Any Fisher
Piano II. Miss Queen Graeber

Part Song – Good-night! Good-night, Beloved ——– Nevin

Misses Summer, R Misenheimer, Dreher, James, Dreher and Stamper

March Mignonne ——–Poldini
Polonaise, Op. 46 – Edward McDowell

Miss Helen James

a. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes ——–English Folk-Song
b. Oh, Italia, Italia, Beloved ——–Donizetta
Mixed Chorus