The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 20 May 1920, 1

Literary Address Tuesday by Dr. McGlothlin. – In Debater’s Contest J. G. Park Wins Medal, – Recital.
Closing Exercises Wednesday. – 14 Graduates From Seminary and 19 From the Collegiate Institute

Tuesday marked another day of splendid commencement exercises at Mt. Pleasant. At 10:30 the literary address was delivered by Dr. W. J. McGlothlin, president of Furman University, Greenville, S. C. Dr. McGlothlin delivered a practical but strong address, discussing some of the difficulties connected with the development of literary taste. The purpose of literature is to inform, to assist, to produce and enjoy. It is a duty of the citizen to be able to make a contribution to public life, especially the religious side of life. All training should look to the preparation of young men and women to make this contribution…

…At 8 p.m. in the chapel of Mont Amoena Seminary the students rendered a recital in music that was greatly enjoyed by all present. It was pronounced one of the best ever rendered. Under the direction of Misses Elizabeth Bortz and Helen Misenheimer and excellent program was rendered.

All parts were well rendered, but the choruses by the Glee Club deserve especial mention.

The Boards of Trustees of the two schools also held meetings during the day and laid plans for next year’s work.

Wednesday’s Programme

Wednesday marked the closing exercises of the commencement at Mount Pleasant. Four members of the Senior class of Mont Amoena Seminary read essays which were thoroughly enjoyed by the large audience. Miss Mildred Barrier, “The Power of the Press”: Miss Myrtle Kluttz, “Community Development”: Miss Leila Lanning, “Oil”: Miss Helen Seaford, “Edison.” Immediately following the reading of the essays six members of the Senior class of the Institute engaged in a contest in oratory for a gold medal…

…Fourteen young ladies graduated from Mont Amoena, as follows: Misses Lela Furr, Myrtle Kluttz, Lelia Lanning, Mary McKnight, Helen Seaford, Wilhelmina Allman, Mildred Barrier, Mary Cress, Leona Davis, Clea Fryar, Shelby Herrin, Mabel McKnight, Mae Thomas. The following first distinctions were announced from the Semiary: Misses Helen Seaford, Celia Tucker, Miriam Shirey, Margie Harkey, Rebecca Lewis and Polly Lewis; second distinctions, Misses Myrtle Kluttz, Lela Furr, Lelia Lanning, Irma Morgan, Mary Belle Smith, Eula Belle Farmer, Lola Kluttz, Ruth Ritchie, Virginia Fisher, Georgia Barringer, Ruby Lentz, Susa Kluttz, Daisy Kluttz, Thelma Seaford, Ruth Shirey and Alma Furr. The distinctions in music were as follows: First distinctions, Misses Wilhelmina Allman, Mary Cress, Mabel McKnight, Pauline Smith, Mary Rose McKnight, Ruth James, Lucile Cline, Eula Belle Farmer, Lola Kluttz, Ruth Ritchie, Jamie Lee, Salome Shirey and Josephine Barnhardt; second distinction in music, Misses Mae Thomas, Margaret Barrier, Mary Belle Smith, Thelma Suther, Esther Sink, Ethel Eudy, Bess Stallings, Violet Honeycutt, Ruby Lentz, Mary E. Ridenhour, Ruth Shirey, and Lois McAnulty.

Miss Myrtle Kluttz was awarded the scholarship medal and Miss Lela Furr a scholarship prize.

The essay medal was awarded to Miss Myrtle Kluttz.

During the year the Alumnae and friends of the Seminary funds gifts amounting to $4,389.73 to the Seminary. $1,000 of this amount was given by Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Ludwig, of Mooresville, N. C. to establish a scholarship in memory of their daughter, Julia Catherine Ludwig, class of ’95. The class of 1920 presented a handsome set of books to the library, the Library of Southern Literature by Drs. Kent and Smith. The class of 1914 presented to the Alpha and Omega Chapters of the Bernheim Literary Society a loving cup to be known as the Hoover-Fisher Cup in honor of Ora Hoover, their English Teacher, and Prof. J. H. C. Fisher…

…Announcement was made that the next session of Mont Amoena Seminary and the Collegiate Institute would open on September 8th. Today’s exercises brought to a close the most successful year in the history of these two schools.