The Concord Times, 26 May 1927, p. 5

Fourteen Graduates of Mont Amoena Seminary and 8 of M. P. C. I. Are Given Their P[D]iplomas.
Finals for To Mt. Pleasant Schools Ended During Morning and Large Crowd Enjoyed Program

By Staff Correspondent.
Mount Pleasant, May 25. – Several hundred people, including friends and parents, gathered here this morning for the joint graduation exercises of the Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute and Mont Amoena Seminary. Although lengthy the final program of the commencement services of these two Lutheran institutions was beautiful and profound.

The joint program began at 10 o’clock and concluded at 1 o’clock this afternoon.

The gradates of Mont Amonea Siminary [sic] are: Adelle Anderson, Ruth Barrier, Mary Ella Barrier, Virginia Cline, Miriam Foil, Jessie Isenhour, Ellen Linker, Ruth Lowder, Shirley Moose, Jane Penninger, Frieda Smith, Lena Hahan [Hahn], Verna Mae Hahn, and Nemea Cox. Little Miss Rachael Smith, the mascot, was on the platform with the graduates.

The graduation class of Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute includes: C. R. Little, R. E. Davis, F. L. Caughman, F. A. Moser, H. A. McCullough, W. J Prevo, J. H. Taylor, J. D. Suther, A. W. Caughman and M. L.. Little. The later two were given certificates.

Near the conclusion of the program the winners of various school honors were named and medals awarded to them. The distinction list of the Collegiate Institute follows:

Students who did not receive any demerits during the 1926-27 session: J. C. Curry, J. S. Davis, R. E. Davis, H. L. Fisher, C. A. Honeycutt, F. A. Moser, H. B. Shoaf, H. H. Sloop, O. K. Stringer, J. D. Suther and J. H. Taylor.

The students hose general averages was 93 or above, winning first distinction in classroom honors, are: H. A. McCullough, Jr., C. A. Honeycutt and H. E. Barrier.

Those winning second distinction in classroom honors are given below:

C. C. Barringer, A. W. Caughman, H. W. Czarnitzki, W. M. Freed, J. D. Honeycutt, M. L. Little, H. C. McAllister.

The following students did not miss any recitations during the session: G. L. Barrier, R. W. Hotinger, H. B. Shoaf, O. K. Stringer, J. C. Curry, J. L. Daves and D. F. Mendenhall.

J. H. Taylor of the graduation class won the annual oratorical contest held at the commencement exercise this morning. He won over H. A. McCullough, F. A. Moser and J. A. Suther. The title of his impressive oration was “Today, the Index of Tomorrow.”

Mr. Taylor was awarded the oratorical medal at the same time medals were given to other young men of the school who had during the year accomplished some outstanding achievement and honor.

The medal winners include: G. D. Bellis, declaimer; C. A. Honeycutt, debater; J. H. Taylor, orator; J. A. Fowler, military; H. A. McCullough, scholarship and Science; company B., trophy cup: Capt. H. H. Sloop, First Lieut. F. L. Caughman, Second Lieut. C. A. Honeycutt, Second Lieut. E. L. Miller.

Opening the program this morning the graduating essays of the senior class of Mont Amoena Seminary were read by their authors. The title of the essays and their authors are, as follows: Miss Ruth Barrier, “the Gates of the Mind;” Miss Virginia Cline, “No Thorns, No Roses;” Miss Lenna Hahn, “The Ideal American;” Miss Jessie Isenhour, “He Who Labors Conquers;” Miss Jane Penninger, “The Value of Spare Moments;” Miss Frieda Smith, “Today’s Call for Justice.”

Miss Helen Thayer won first distinction in classroom honors. The students winning second honors are: Misses Ruth Barrier, Numa Cox, Jessie Isenhour, Gerdie Cook, Janie Dryde, Verna Mae Hahn, Margaret Schulenberger, and Annie Laurie Drye.

The Seminary society cup this year was won by the Alpha chapter of the Bernheim Literary Society.

Prof. McAllister announced that the Mont Amoena Seminary next session, which opens September 14, will be under the management and coordination of the Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute, and will not be suspended. This decision was reached Tuesday afternoon at the meeting of the board of trustees of the seminary. Prof. J. H. Fisher is relinquishing active management of the seminary after a great service of 33 consecutive years.


The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC), May 24, 1927, p.2.

Prominent Speakers Heard at Several Schools During Commencements.

Special to the Charlotte Observer
CONCORD, May 23. – Three baccalaureate sermons, two in Concocrd and one in Mt. Pleasant, attracted hundreds of Cabarrus county church goers. The sermons delivered here were before graduates of the Concord high school and the Laura Sunderland Memorial school and the one in Mt. Pleasant before the graduates of Mt. Pleasant Collegiate Institute and Mont Amoena Seminary.

Dr. J. T. Huddle, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran church, of Washington, D. C., delivered the sermon in Mt. Pleasant discussing “Life” from the text, “I am come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly.” He was heard by a congregation that filled the auditorium.

Rev. C. Herman Trueblood, pastor of the First Baptist church here, preached the sermon to the high school graduates. The school auditorium was taxed to capacity. Dr. J. C. Rowan, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, delivered the sermon for the Sunderland graduates.

Rev. George H. Rhodes, pastor of the First Lutheran church, of Albemarle, was heard by another large audience in Mt. Pleasant when he spoke before the Y. M. C. A. of the Institute and the Y. W. C. A. of the seminary.

The commencement at Mt. Pleasant began Friday night when a reception was held for the students of the Lutheran institutions. The program was continued Saturday when class exercises were held for the graduating classes. At this exercise the program consisted of the reading of the class poem and prophesies and the rendition of a musical number by members of the music department of the seminary.

Unusual interest is attached to Sunderland commencement this year because of a recent announcement by the Home Mission board of the Northern Presbyterian church that the school would be discontinued after the session. Alumnae have been urged to attend the exercises and attendance has been unusually large.

Tonight the class play was given with the final program set for Tuesday afternoon. Certificates of graduation will be presented at that time.

At Mt. Pleasant this morning the declamation contest was held and this afternoon the alumni address was delivered by Prof. J. M. Blume, of the class of ’17.