Corriher, Zelia Clare

Zelia Corriher, Elizabeth College, 1909.













Faculty 1910
Teacher of Latin

Birth:  Feb. 4, 1889
Death: Oct. 9, 1918

John C Corriher (1849 – 1895)
Fannie E. Carpenter Corriher (1860 – 1935)

B. O. Edwards

John Reid Edwards (1916 – 1941)
Eugenia May Edwards

Greenlawn Cemetery
China Grove, Rowan County, North Carolina, US

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The Charlotte Observer, 10 Jan 1910, p. 8.


… Miss Zelia Corriher of China Grove has entered upon her duties at Mount Amoena Seminary s the successor of Miss Crooks, who was married Christmas. Miss Corriher comes to this work with splendid qualifications, having graduated from Elizabeth College and done successful post graduate work at Columbia University. The seminary opened with a full enrollment, a number of new names have been added/


The Rowan Record (China Grove, NC), 3 May 1912, p. 1.

Announcement of the Engagement of Miss Zelia Corriher and Dr. B. O. Edwards

The announcement of the engagement of Miss Zelia Corriher, the attractive daughter of Mrs. F. E. Corriher, to Dr. B. O. Edwards of Landis, NC, came as a pleasant surprise to a number of her friends last Thursday afternoon, at a pretty social function given by Miss Ruth Thom, at her home on Main St., who on this special occasion proved herself a most charming hostess.

An elegant salad course was served, followed by oranges, whipped cream and cake. Immediately after the refreshments were served an orange was placed before each guest and at the same identical time a telegram arrived bearing a message, that on opening the orange a secret would be revealed. In this a pink rose was found to which was attached a card bearing two hearts pierced with an arrow and the initials and date of the wedding, May 22nd.

Two contests were participated in and greatly enjoyed. Misses Annie Rose and Lurline Graham coming out prize winners.

The house was beautifully decorated in cut flowers and potted plants. A color scheme of pink and green being carried out.

This happy event will be looked forward to with great pleasure by scores of friends of this popular couple. Those present were Misses Zelia Corriher, Browne Ritchie, Mary and Lillian Miller, Dorothy Bostian, Mary and Annie Rose, Lurline Graham, Louise Miller, Daisy Ritchie, and Mrs. Dunlap, of Albemarle, N. C.

Miss Corriher is a most charming, attractive and cultured young lady and Dr. Edwards is a splendid young physician of Landis, both of whom are well known and highly esteemed by all of their many friends and acquaintances. Their marriage will be one of the society events of the year.


The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC), 19 May 1918, p. 20.


Landis, May 18. – Saturday afternoon Mrs. B. O. Edwards was hostess to the “Do As You Please Club” and a few additional guests in honor of Mrs. Frank Wright, a recent bride.

The house was attractively decorated with spring flowers and the contest was in the form of a flower contest which proved to be very interesting. After this was finished the guests were asked to go to the dining room, which was beautifully decorated with pink roses, where a delicious buffet luncheon was served by Miss Martha Shuford and Miss Mary Lee Corriher.

The guests were then taken to the library, and in the midst of flowers and soft strains of music, little Miss Eugenia Edwards, daughter of the hostess, came in with a huge basket of roses and asked each guest to have one, and as Mrs. Wright happened to be the last one, she was given the basket and found hidden in the midst of the roses numerous packages which proved to be the shower gifts.

Mrs. Edwards guest list included: Mrs. F. E. Wright, Mrs. J. P. Lynn, Mrs. O. L. Lynn, Mrs. H. L. Efird, Mrs. L. P. Corriher, Mrs. Fannie Corriher, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Sloop, Mrs. George Lipe, Miss Joe Lipe, Miss Mary Lee Corriher, Mrs. D. C. Lisk of Charlotte, Mrs. B. F . Shuford, Miss Martha Shuford and Miss Ruth Thom of China Grove.


The Concord Times (Concord, NC), 10 Oct 1918

Death of Mrs. B. O. Edwards.

News was received her this morning of the death of Mrs. B. O. Edwards, wife of Dr. B, O. Edwards, of Landis, which occurred at her home last night at 10:30 o’clock, following an attack of Spanish influenza. She leaves two children besides her husband, a little girl five years of age, and a little boy of two. She was a daughter of Mrs. J. C. Corriher, of China Grove. the burial will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock at Mark’s church, and the interment will be made at Greenlawn cemetery. The service will be conducted by Rev.s J. I. Morgan and C. P. Fisher.


The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC), 11 Oct 1918, p. 13.


Special to The Observer
China Grove, Oct. 10. – Mrs. Edwards, wife of Dr. B. O. Edwards, of Landis, died Wednesday night at her home in Landis after an illness of one week with influenza. The funeral service will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock at St. Mark’s Lutheran church at China Grove, with Rev. C. R. Morgan and Rev. C. P. Fisher officiating.

Mrs. Edwards was 29 years of age. Beside her husband she is survived by two small children, one sister, Mrs. Fannie E. Corriher, of China Grove, and one brother Edward Corriher, who is at Camp Sevier.


Salisbury Evening Post (Salisbury, NC), 11 Apr 1919, p. 8.

Large Gathering hold Memorial Service to the Late Mrs. B. O. Edwards at St. Mark’s Church

China Grove, April 10. – A beautiful and impressive memorial service was conducted at St. Mark’s Lutheran church Sunday night, as a tribute of respect for Mrs. B. O. Edwards of Landis, whose death occurred last October at her home there during the influenza epidemic and for whom a church funeral could not be held at that time.

Mrs. Edwards was, prior to her marriage to Dr. B. O. Edwards of Landis, Miss Zelia Clare Corriher of China Grove. A daughter of one of the most respected and influential citizens, Mrs. Fannie Carpenter Corriher; her father J. C. Corriher, having died a number of years ago. Mrs. Edwards was popular and beloved by all who knew her during her childhood and gilrhood days as well as by all those whose pleasure it wat to know her in later life. She left to sorrow for her besides a mother, brother, and husband, two beautiful little children, Eugenia may and John Reed, other relatives and numerous friends.

The large auditorium of St. Mark’s church was filled with friends from both towns, and surrounding country. Sketches of her life were given by the pastor, Rev. C. I. Morgan, of Landis; Rev. C. P. Fisher of China Grove, and her former pastor Rev. W. H. Riser of Lexington, S. C. His tribute was especially touching and heartfelt. He having lived here during her young womanhood and having married her to Dr. Edwards during his pastorate. The many expressions of her home virtues, rare qualities, personal charm devotion to duty and gentle lovable disposition, were so well known that they met a responsive chord in the hearts of the entire audience. Inspiring many no doubt to follow her beautiful example.

Appropriate music was rendered by a special choir made up from China Grove and Landis.

She was an A. B. graduate of Elizabeth College, graduating in music at the same institution. Later she too a special course at Columbia University, New York and at the same time specialized in music at the Damrash Musical Institute of Art. She was a talented musician and meant much to the choir of the church wherever she held her membership. She has gone but her example lives in the memory of those who knew her.