Board of Trustees Listed in the school catalog:
Dr. J. L. Henderson, President             Rev. L. C. Groseclose              Mr. Daniel Barrier                  Mr. W. R. Kindley
Prof. L. A. Bickle, Secretary                   Rev. W. H. Cone                        Mr. J. J. Misenheimer           Mr. A. Foil
Maj. L. G. Heilig, Treasurer                     Rev. W. Kimball                        Mr. E. D. Lentz                         Mr. W. T. Miller



Rev. Gotthardt Dellman Bernheim
Principal to Dec. 1869

Mrs. Elizabeth Clayton Bernheim
Vice Principle to Dec. 1869
Teacher in Primary Dept.


Rev. Daniel I. Dreher,
Principal, Jan. 1870
Professor of Mental and Moral Science, English Literature, and Ancient Languages

Bickle, Louis Albert, Sr

Rev. Louis A. Bickle, A. M., Professor of Natural Science, and Higher Mathematics











Unknown Silhouette

Miss Josephine A. Graham,
Teacher of Music and French

professor unknown

Dr. John L. Henderson, M. D.
Lecturer on Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene

professor unknown

Mr. Augustus Cicero Barrier
Instructor of Vocal Music

Unknown Silhouette

Mrs. M. A. C. Dreher, Superintendent of Social and Domestic Duties









Unknown Silhouette

Miss Virginia F. Dreher,
Principal of Primary Department