Board of Trustees:

Capt. Jonas Cook, President                        Rev. C. A. Brown                  Rev. J. L. Morgan            Rev. J. A. Linn
Dr. C. M. Poole, Vice-President                     Rev. J. H. C. Fisher              C. H. Fisher                       Rev. J. H. Wilson
Mr. C. D. Barringer, Secretary/Treasurer    Rev. P. J. Wade                    L. D. Peeler                         Rev. Geo. H. Cox
Rev. J. P. Miller                                                   John A. Cline

Fisher, J. H. C.1896,1924, crop1000

Rev. J. H. C. Fisher, A. M.
(Pennsylvania College) Principal and Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Biblical History; Treasurer

Rev. John H. Keller, A. M.
(Franklin and Marshall)
Intellectual Science, Latin and Modern Languages

J. Ethelyn Crabtree A. B
(Roanoke College)
English Language and Literature, French, Elocution and Physical Culture

Leah J. B. Fisher
(Mont Amoena and National Chautauqua)
Drawing and Painting; Matron












Annie Welsh
(Mont Amoena Seminary, Elizabeth College)
Instrumental Music

Kate Barrier
(Mont Amoena Seminary)
History and Mathematics; Lady Principal

Josephine Summer Foil (Staunton Seminary), Vocal Music

Paul A. Barrier, A.M., M.D.
(North Carolina College)
Seminary Physician