Fisher, J. H. C.1896,1924, crop1000

Rev. J. H. C. Fisher,
A. B., A. M.

Principal, Treasurer,
Bible and Christian Evidence

Hilbert A. Fisher
(U.S. Naval Academy)
Vice Principal, Chairman,
Mathematics and Science

Lippard, Mabel, 1918,1922, crop1000

Miss Mabel Lippard, B. E., (N.C. State College for Women)

Ella Belle Shirey, 1000px

Miss Ella Belle Shirey (Staunton Female Seminary)
Lady Principal
Librarian, French, and History

Moose, Lena, 1911, 1921, cropped, 1000

Miss Lena Moose, A.B. 











Stirewalt, Ada, 1908, 1921, 1000

Miss Ada Stirewalt, 
(Mont Amoena, 1904) Music Director, 
Piano, Voice, Violin

Mrs. Ethel Cobb Fisher,
(Mont Amoena, 1912)Piano

Unknown Silhouette

Mrs. J. Elizabeth Foil,
(Staunton Female Seminary) Piano

Fisher, Leah Blackwelder, c 1950

Mrs. Leah J. Fisher,
(Mont Amoena)