Fisher, Margarette E. B.

Margaret E. B. Fisher, c. 1895.

Superintendent of the Boarding Department, 1893-1895

Birth: 26 Dec 1871, Cabarrus County, North Carolina
24 Jan 1952, Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Charles Henry Fisher (1841-1916)
Mary Selena “Mollie” Ketchie Fisher (1837-1928)

Sallie Jane Fisher Weiser (1866-1943)
Louisa “Lula” Kate Fisher (1870-1957)
Lydia L. Fisher Brown (1874-1954)

Spouse: Franklin Adolphus Barrier (1876-1950)
Marriage: 10 May 1908, Mount Pleasant, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Clyde Monroe Barrier (1900-1974)*
Elizabeth Pearl Barrier Goldston (1902-1982)*
Karl Petrea Barrier (1902-1967)*
Ferdinand “Louis” Barrier (1905-1999)*
Mary Louise Barrier (1909-1995)
Sarah Lelia Barrier Walker (1913-1997)

Burial: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Mount Pleasant, Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Source:, #54763223


The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 6 Nov 1905, p. 2.

Miss Margaret Fisher began teaching at Organ church today.


The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 11 May 1908, p. 1.

The congregation at the Lutheran church were very much surprised yesterday morning, after the singing of the first hymn, when Miss Margaret Fisher came up the aisle on the arm of Mr. Frank Barrier. Rev. J. P. Miller performed the ceremony that made them one, almost before many in the congregation could realize the truth of what their eyes beheld. Miss Fisher is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Fisher on North Main street. Mr. Barrier holds a responsible position in the Southern Railway shops at Spencer, where Mr. and Mrs. Barrier will make their home in the future.


The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 18 May 1909, p. 4

Dweling [sic] House, Barn and Outbuildings on the Plantation of the Late Madison Tucker Totally Wiped Out Today at 11 O’clock – Home Occupied by F. A. Barrier, who Lost all Household Goods and Everything Except One Wagon. – Origin Unknown.

A telephone message from Cold Springs at 1 o’clock today stated that a destructive fire occurred near that place on the plantation of the late Madison Tucker today at 11 o’clock, when the dwelling house, barn and other outbuildings were totally destroyed, together with their contents, nothing having been saved but a wagon, which stood out from the buildings some distance. The origin of the fire is unknown, and it is thought that there was no insurance on anything, either buildings or their contents. The home was occupied by Mr. F. A. Barrier, who was working in a field some distance from the house. Mrs. Barrier had gone to Mt. Pleasant to attend commencement exercises, and there was no one at the house. The great volume of smoke and the leaping flames attracted the attention of Mr. Barrier and he fled from the field to the house as quickly as he could, but was unable to save anything. The neighborhood had gathered by that time, but too late to save anything. The house and property belongs to the widow and heirs of the late Madison Tucker, and theirs is a total loss as well as Mr. Barrier, who had just taken the property in hand.


The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 25 Aug 1911, p. 4

Mr. F. A. Barrier has purchased 92 acres of land at Rimer from Mr. C. J. Harris. This is the last track of the Walker land and sold for $3,000. Mr. Barrier will move his family there to live.


The Concord Times (Concord, NC), 26 Sep 1912, p. 5


There will be “Missionary Day” at Rimer Sunday, Sept. 29, all day, beginning at 11 o’clock a.m. Rev. R. A. Goodman, of Mt. Pleasant, will preach in the morning. After dinner the ladies of the Missionary Society of prosperity, will render the following programme:

… Paper: Women’s Work – Mrs. F. A. Barrier.


The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC), 13 May 1917, p. 10.

The Food Conservation Commissioners of Cabarrus County, appointed by Governor Bickett are as follows: Chairman of the County Commissioners, L. A. Weddington; Superintendent of Education, D. S. Lippard, and County Farm Demonstration Agent, R. D. Goodman. These commissioners held a meeting and have appointed the following additional persons to serve on the committee: A. H. Litaker, A. W. Winecoff, Mrs. J. C. Black, of Pioneer Mills, and Mrs. F. A. Barrier of Rimer. The whole committee of seven will meet and appoint one person from each school district in the county, the aggregate of whom, with themselves, will form the commission.


The Concord Daily Tribune (Concord, NC), 30 Sep 1921, p. 2.

The teachers who are employed for the 1921-1922 term at Rimer are: Mr. John H. Dorton, principal, Mrs. F. A. Barrier and Miss Fannie Barger assistants.


The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC), 8 Jan 1940 p. 10.

CABARRUS COUNTY: F. A. Barnhardt, Concord, Route 3, has been very fortunate with his broilers this season. At present he has 295 out of 300 bought seven weeks ago. They will weigh an average of two pounds at present.

Mrs. F. A. Barrier, Concord, Route 3, has a record just as good with her three-weeks-old chicks. Mrs. Barrier had 310 chicks to begin with and has lost only 2 during this three weeks period.

Both Mr. Barnhardt and Mrs. Barrier find a ready market for their broilers in Concord. They find it profitable to make use of their brooder houses before they are needed for layers. It is also a good way to use their time profitably while other farm jobs are scarce. – W. H. Williams, Assistant Agent.