McDonald, Lottie Love

Birth: June 8, 1879, Wilmington, NC
Death: December 14, 1957, Siskiyou County, California

Louis McDonald
Charlotte C. West

David Anderson Rippy


The Gastonia Gazette (Gastonia, NC), January 5, 1912, p. 8.

The Gazette received yesterday from Mrs. L. McDonald Rippy, formerly a resident of Gastonia but now living at Birmingham, Ala., copies of two songs of which she is the author and which have just been issued from the presses of a Washington, D. C., music publisher. The titles are “The Eternal Feminine,” and “The History of Fate,” both words and music being by Mrs. Rippy. In a note to the editor the author states that she has several other songs in the hands of the publishers.


The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC), October 23, 1924, p.16.

Special to the Observer

Mount Pleasant, Oct. 22, – A pleasant visitor at the Mont Amoena seminary was Mrs. Lottie McDonald Rippy, of Birmingham, Ala., a former pupil, whose object was to present to the institution a pair of steel hand-rails for the new cement front steps. A lovely brass plate at the head of the railings will be thus engraved:

“Love is the fulfilling of the law, Therefore the railings are lovingly presented by Lottie L. McDonald Rippy. – October 19, 1924.”

This highly appreciated gift by one who does not forget the benefits she has received from her  Alma Mater, makes a beautiful entrance to the already imposing edifice.

Mrs. Rippy gave the girls an inspiring and uplifting address in the chapel, the subject of the talk being “Love.” She has also kindly offered a gold medal annually for the best essay on the same subject, competition being open to the whole school.


San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, NC), July 15, 1934, p. 2.

Special to The Chronicle

SAN JOSE, July 14 – How far is a city responsible for the condition of its sidewalks? This question will be decided during the hearing of a $26,425 damage suit brought by Lottie Love Rippy, 53, against the city of San Jose. She charges she fell and broke her leg and suffered other injuries because she tripped over a Hedding street sidewalk.