Powlas, Margaret Elizabeth “Lizzie”

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Margaret Elizabeth “Lizzie” Powlas. Class of 1903.


Margaret Elizabeth Powlas and husband Lawson Pettus Boland celebrating 50th annversary, 1956.

Lizzie Powlas Boland at age 89 after taking a plane trip to meet her great- great-grandson.













Class of 1903

Birth: Sep. 6, 1882
Death: Sep. 21, 1983

John William Powlas (1856 – 1899)
Margaret Amanda Victoria Miller Powlas (1859 – 1942)

Rosa Irene Powlas Ezzell (1880-1957)

Spouse: Lawson Pettus Boland (1875 – 1966)
Marriage: 08 May 1906, Cleveland, Rowan, North Carolina

Juanita Boland Cruse (1908 – 1979)
Margaret Elizabeth Boland Herring (1914 – 1993)
Annie Barbara Boland (1916 – 2005)
Lawson Powlas Boland (1921 – 2002)
Lebanon Lutheran Church Cemetery
Cleveland, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA
Plot: Row 13

Source: www.findagrave.com, # 52062441.

Edith Boland Eubanks (7-10 Sep 2017):

“My Paternal Grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth “Lizzie” Powlas Boland, and her older sister, Rosa Irene Powlas Ezzell, attended and graduated from Mont Amoena. I heard my Grandmama talk fondly about her days there as long as she lived.

When my Grandmama Lizzie was a student at Mont Amoena Seminary for Young Ladies in the early 1900’s, there was a boys’ school right next door – Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute. There was a wall between the two schools and no contact was allowed between the students. However, Grandmama and some of her friends discovered that they could watch the boys drilling on their parade grounds, marching in formation, from the girls’ room windows on the upper floors of the dormitory. So they would study in their rooms until drill time and then congregate at the windows to watch the boys. As far as I know, Grandmama and her friends did not get caught or punished. She always had a twinkle in her eye and a big smile on her face whenever she told this story.

When Grandmama Lizzie was 89 years old, her oldest grandson who lived near Charlotte was getting ready to fly his private plane to Fayetteville, NC to see his new grandson who had just been born. Jokingly, Bill asked Grandmama if she wanted to go with them to see her great, great-grandson. Much to his surprise, she said “Yes.” So off she flew to Fayetteville. My Daddy contacted the Salisbury Post who sent a reporter and a photographer to meet her when she returned to the Salisbury airport. She had flown in a plane once before during the 1940’s, just around an airport but this time she flew across North Carolina.

My Grandmama was a remarkable lady who lived to be 101 years old. Her father died when she was 17 years old, leaving her mother with nine children, three elderly folks (her in-laws and her mother-in-law’s sister) and a large farm to care for when women did not run anything. The only son was just a boy at the time and he died not long after his father. The eight daughters all went to secondary schools like Mont Amoena and became teachers, missionaries to Japan, wives and mothers.

I grew up in the house with Grandmama and she was a very strong influence on the lives of my three sisters and me. My middle name is Elizabeth for her. I hope that I inherited her spirit, spunk and love of life.”

Plane trip photo courtesy of Edith Boland Eubanks.