Setzler, Edwin Boinest

E. B. Setzler, Newberry College, S. C. Faculty, 1929










Faculty 1893-1896, German

Birth: Jun. 28, 1871
Death: Dec. 10, 1939

George Adam Setzler (1835 – 1913)
Elizabeth Ann Cromer Setzler (1840 – 1897)

Fannie Clementine Setzler Young (1861 – 1930)
Caroline Magdalene Setzler Folk (1864 – 1937)
Thomas Adam Setzler (1867 – 1944)
Sallie Ida Setzler (1869 – 1877)
James Philander Setzler (1873 – 1948)
Benedict Marion Setzler (1876 – 1919)
John Bachman Setzler (1879 – 1949)
George Wallace Setzler (1882 – 1913)

Rosemont Cemetery
Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina, USA

Source:, 22632507.


From Our Church Paper (New Market, VA), Vol. 26, No. 33, August 17, 1898, p. 3.Other:

Newberry College Notes

Professor E. B. Setzler was elected to the chair of English and Modern Languages, and be has accepted the position, Elizabeth College having kindly, though reluctantly, consented to release him from that institution. Professor Setzler was graduated from Newberry College in 1892, with the degree of B. A., and with the highest honors of his class; in 1891 be received the degree of M. A. upon the completion of the course of study for this degree. After his graduation he taught one year in Texas; then for four years, 1893-97, he filled the chair of Ancient Languages in North Carolina College, with conspicuous ability; and during a part of this time he gave instruction in German and French in North Carolina College, and in German in the Mont Amoena Seminary; in the summer of 1896 he was a student in the Sauveur College of languages; during 1897-98 he pursued a post-graduate course at the University of Virginia, with a view to the chair of English and Natural Sciences in Elizabeth College, to which he had been elected.