Stirewalt, Mary Ada

Wedding Day, Mary Ada Stirewalt and Wiley Blaine Newsome, June 30, 1920.

Class of 1916

Birth:  Jul. 28, 1897
Death: Mar. 1, 1989

Paul M. Stirewalt
Annie Stirewalt

Wiley Blaine Newsome (1891-1978)

Wiley Blaine “Diddy” Newsome (1922 – 1931)

Craig Stirewalt
Cletus R. Stirewalt
Clifford P. Stirewalt

Salem Cemetery
Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina, USA

Source/Photo: honeychile,, # 28214050.


Salisbury Evening Post (Salisbury, NC) August 28, 1919, p. 2.


… Miss Mary Stirewalt of Faith has been secured to teach the eighth and ninth grades in the Rockwell High School. Miss Stirewalt is a graduate of Mont Amoena Seminary and we are glad to welcome her to our town.


Salisbury Evening Post (Salisbury, NC), July 2, 1920, p. 3.

Stirewalt – Newsome.

Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock, June 30, a simple but pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mrs. P. M. Stirewalt of Faith when her only daughter, Mary Ada, became the bride of W. Blaine Newsome of Germantown, N. C.

Prior to the ceremony, Rev. H. A. Welker sang, “Because,” accompanied by Miss Marie Davenport of Pineville, N. C.

Amid the soft strains of Traumerie the beautiful and impressive ring ceremony of the Lutheran church was used, Rev. C. P. Fisher officiating.

The bride was beautiful in her wedding gown of white satin and georgette her veil falling from a wreath of forgetmenots. She carried a shower bouquet of sweet peas. The bridesmaids carried elaborate bouquets of pink sweet peas with pink tulle.

The bride is a beautiful and popular daughter of Mrs. P. M. Stirewalt. She is a graduate of the 1916 class of Mont Amoena Seminary, Mt. Pleasant, N. C., and has been a successful teacher in the public schools of the state.

The groom is the son of the late H. W. Newsome, of Germantown, N. D.

Immediately after the wedding about fifty invited guests were served with a salad course and ice cream and cake.

When all had partook to their satisfaction the bride and groom motored to Salisbury where they boarded No. 138 for the capitol city, Washington, to spend their honeymoon.

The many friends of this popular couple wish them success and happiness.


Source: honeychile,, #28216348.

Wiley Blaine “Diddy” Newsome, Jr.

Birth: Jul. 20, 1922, Jigongshan, Henan, China
Death: Jul. 1, 1931, Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality, China

Diddie was the son of my great-uncle Blaine Newsome. Family history holds that he fell from a porch and suffered a scalp or head wound which became infected, leading to his death. His body was shipped back to the states and family lore revolves around his red curls which seemed to be even longer when the casket was opened than when he died.

I was contacted by another contributor who tells me that he was originally buried in Bubbling Well Road Cemetery, Sec. B, Lot 391, in Shanghai, pursuant to Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad. Apparently, he was disinterred to be brought home.

For me, I imagine an 8 year old boy looking forward to his birthday, but laid low by an unexpected result to his mischievousness, growing sick, and dying in a foreign land. The death of a child is always a sad thing, but the circumstances of Diddie’s death are particularly poignant, shrouded in mystery and dimmed by time.