Fisher, J. H. C.1896,1924, crop1000

Rev. J. H. C. Fisher, A. M. (Pennsylvania College)  
Vice-Principal and
Professor of Intellectual Science, Mathematics, and Astronomy 

McAllister, Ethlyn Crabtree1910-1, crop1000

Miss Ethelyn Crabtree,
(Roanoke College and Virginia College)
Lady Principal, Expression and English Literature

Miss Mary Stella Mauney, A. B.
(Lenoir College)  
Latin and Higher Mathematics 

Cline, Lillian, 1908, 1911, cropped

Miss Lillian Cline
(Mont Amoena Seminary and University of N. C.)
History and English Grammar












Unknown Silhouette

Miss Cora Ballard
(Havenfront College)  
English, Science and Art

Moose, Lena, 1911, 1921, cropped, 1000

Miss Lena Moose
(Mont Amoena Seminary)
Assistant in Mathematics
and Latin

professor unknown

Rev. J. J. Long, A.M.
(Newberry College)
Bible History

Stirewalt, Ada, 1908, 1921, 1000

Miss Ada Stirewalt
(Mont Amoena Seminary
and Elizabeth College)
Instrumental and Vocal Music