The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

Click on the names in bold for additional information.

Ella Barnhardt (Pioneer Mills, NC)

Ida M. Blume (Concord, NC)

Addie Boger

Agnes Cook (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Winona Cook (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Ola May Deal (Concord, NC)

Laura Christiana Efird (China Grove, NC)*

Florence Fesperman (Barium Springs, NC)

Florence Virginia Fray (Brightwood, VA)*

Hattie Goodman (Sanders, NC)

Annie L. Hartman (Salisbury, NC)

Bessie Jenny (Jenny SC)

Dora M. Krider (Salisbury, NC)

Ida Lefler (Concord, NC)

Vose Leize (Love’s Level, NC)

Lillie Long  (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Emma McAllister (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Maude Elizabeth Miller (Jefferson, SC)*

Lomia W. Misenheimer (Concord, NC)

Nettie Misenheimmer (Charlotte, NC)

Ida “Belle” Penland (White Pine, TN)

Lillie Viola Ritchie (Concord, NC)

Mary Olive Ritchie (Concord, NC)

Mamie L. Ury (Concord, NC)

Elizabeth “Lieze” Mary Vose (Lawrenceville, GA)*

Margaret “Ella” Walter (Concord, NC)*