Tucker, Alma Irene

Tucker, Alma, c1923

Alma Irene Tucker, c. 1923.

Tucker, Alma, 6 May 1926

Alma Tucker, 6 May 1926.

Tucker, Alma, crop1000

Alma Irene Tucker, Mont Amoena, c. 1926.

Alma Irene Tucker. 1928 M. P. C. I. The Saber yearbook.




Tucker, Alma, Lenoir Rhyne 1930-1

Alma Irene Tucker, Lenoir Rhyne College, 1930.

Tucker, Alma, Lenoir Rhyne 1930-2

Alma Irene Tucker, Lenoir Rhyne College, 1930.












Class of 1926, 1927, 1828
Classical Course
She was one of eight students who transferred and graduated from M. P. C. I. in 1928 after the closure of Mont Amoena in 1927.

Birth: October 12, 1909, North Carolina
Death: June 10, 1989, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Occupation: Teacher, Public Schools

Thomas Edgar Tucker and Mary Ann Barringer Tucker

Spouse: Henry Lawson Price (1909 – 1983)

Carolina Memorial Park
Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

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