Board of Trustees Listed in the school catalog:
Rev. W. R. Brown, President                   Mr. M. A. Holshouser                   Mr. Caleb Nussman              Rev. C. A. Marks
Capt. Jonas Cook, Secretary                 Dr. C. M. Pool                                 Rev. W. A. Lutz                         Rev. J. Q. Wertz
Rev. C. A. Rose, Vice-President              Mr. Rufus Misenheimer              Mr. C. H. Fisher                       Rev. B. S. Brown


Rev. C. L. T. Fisher, A. M.
(Pennsylvania College)
Principal and Professor of Latin

D. Essie Fisher, 1893, 1000px

Miss D. Essie Fisher
(Lutherville Seminary)
English Language and Literature,
and Science

Ella Belle Shirey, 1000px

Miss Ella Belle Shirey 
(Staunton Seminary)
Astronomy and History

Van Poole, Ludara - 1000px

Miss Ludara Van Poole
(Kee Mar College)
Elocution, Calisthenics,
and Science











Unknown Silhouette

Mrs. Mathilda A. Kliffmuller,
(Hesse-Cassel, Germany),
Music, Art, and German

Miss Jennie Cook
(Mont Amoena)

Miss Anna Henkel
(Von Bora College)
Principal of Primary Department

Mrs. Mary Horner Fisher
(Lutherville Seminary)










professor unknown

Mr. John Hendrix
(Atlanta Business College)
Penmanship and Bookkeeping

Miss Margaret E. B. Fisher
Superintendent of the Boarding Department