Board of Trustees as listed in the school catalog:
Capt. Jonas Cook, President                           Rev. C. A. Brown                 Rev. J. P. Miller                 Rev. J. L. Morgan
Dr. C. M. Poole, Vice President                         Mr. J. L. Sifford                    Rev. J. E. Shenk               Mr. John A. Cline
Mr. C. D. Barringer, Secretary/Treasurer       Prof. J. H. C. Fisher            Rev. Geo. H. Cox              Mr. L. D. Peeler
Mr.  C. H. Fisher                                                     Rev. C. P. Fisher                   Rev. N. D. Bodie               Rev. T. W. Shealy


Fisher, J. H. C.1896,1924, crop1000

Rev. J. H. C. Fisher, A. M. (Pennsylvania College)  
Vice-Principal and
Professor of Mathematics, 
Astronomy and Geology

Miller, John P., 1928, 1910, cropped 1000

Rev. John P. Miller, A. M.(Concordia College)
Intellectual Science, English Literature and Bible History,

Stirewalt, Ada, 1908, 1921, 1000

Miss Ada Stirewalt
(Mont Amoena Seminary
and Elizabeth College)
Instrumental and Vocal Music

Stirewalt, Hamp, 1910, crop1000

Mr. Hamp A. Stirewalt
(Mont Amoena Seminary)
Assistant in Music












Mrs. Leah J.
Blackwelder Fisher

(Mont Amoena and
National Chatauqua)
Drawing and Painting,

Miss Kate Barrier 
(Mont Amoena Seminary and University of N. C.)  
Mathematics and Modern Languages
Lady Principal

Cline, Lillian, 1908, 1911, cropped

Miss Lillian Cline
(Mont Amoena Seminary and University of N. C.)
Preparatory Department

Unknown Silhouette

Miss Laura Setzler, A. B. 
(Newberry College)  
Latin and English Language












Efird, Laura,1898

Miss Laura Efird 
(Mont Amoena Seminary)  
Assistant in English and Mathematics

Unknown Silhouette

Miss Rosalie Smith 
(Greensboro Female College)  
School of Business

professor unknown

G. D. Moose, A. M., M. D.
(University of Maryland)
Seminary Physician

Miss Zelia Corriher   
Teacher of Latin