The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate
C: Classical Course, E: English Course, M: Music Course

Click on the names in bold for additional information.

Mildred Barrier (NC)

Marjorie “Margie” Delette Barringer (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*C

Muriel Bodie (NC)

Winifred Bodie (Granite Quarry, NC)*C

Avarice Bowen (NC)

Eleanora Brown (NC)

Grace Pearl Cauble (Salisbury, NC)*E

Mary Cline (NC)

Belle Cloaninger (NC)

Luna Clementine Coble (Albemarle, NC)*C

Mary Cress (NC)

Alma Davis (NC)

Emma Julia Derrick (Blythewood, SC)*E

Mae Matilda Earnhardt (Spencer, NC)*C

Amy  Louise Fisher (NC)

Josie Hahn (NC)

Stella Blanche Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*E

Annie Harkey (NC)

Beulah Hatley (NC)

Esther Honeycutt (NC)

Helen Blanton James (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*M

Etta Ione Koontz (Linwood, NC)*C

Beulah Lingle (NC)

Anthea Litaker (NC)

Sarah Lowder (NC)

Ila McCombs (NC)

Olanthe Miller (NC)

Elsie Moose (NC)

Pauline Overcash (NC)

Agnes Pauline Penninger (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*C

Ina Petrea (NC)

Mary Carrie Belle Raney (Salisbury, NC)*E

Annie Ross (NC)

Ruth Shearouse (Rincon, GA)*C

Ruth Martin Sloop (Derita, NC)*C

Lorna Elizabeth Smith (Liberty, NC)*C

Jessie Snider (NC)

Mabel Blanche Stamper (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*C

Bernice  “Bernie” Stewart (NC)

Ida Mae Widenhouse (Midland, NC)*C