This is mislabeled. It should be: 1. Mabel McAllister Moose, 2. Celia Tucker Lowder, 3. Ruth Barringer, 4. Thelma Suther Dellinger, 5. Pearl Archer Smith, 6. Juanita Peacock Hurst, 7. Ruth James, 8. Omey McAnulty Penninger, 8. Ruth Cress.












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To read “History of the Class of ’21” written by
an unidentified member of the senior class, click here.

To read about the Commencement Exercises for the class of 1921, click here.

The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

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Pearl Johnston Archer (Davidson, NC)*

Ruth Elizabeth Barringer (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Mary Beaver (NC)

Beulah Christine Cauble (Rockwell, NC)*

Ruth Regina Cress (Concord, NC)*

Octa Vayne Earnhardt (North Carolina)*

Neva Euliss (NC)

Pearle Anna Camilla Fisher (Salisbury, NC)*

Winifred Gnann (NC)

Lundy “Grace” Virginia Herrin (North Carolina)*

Ruth Virginia James (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Mabel Blanche McAllister (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Omey Elma McAnulty (Mt. Peasant, NC)*

Juanita Margaret Peacock (NC)

Evelyn Price (NC)

Esther Meeta Sink (Salisbury, NC)*

Mary Belle Smith (Madison, VA)*

Thelma Vera Suther (Concord, NC)*

Celia Price Tucker (Concord, NC)*

Mary Belle Umberger (Concord, NC)*