The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

Click on the names in bold for additional information.

Jennie Catherine Barnhardt (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Agnes Rose Barringer (Mount Pleasant, NC)*

Ellen Maria Barringer (Organ Church, NC)

Minnie Pearl Barringer (Organ Church, NC)*

Mabel Roberta Bostian (China Grove, NC)*

Emily Ruth Copeland (Ehrhardt, SC)

Margaret “Ada” Corzine (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Jessie Eudy  (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Eltha Elwood Fisher (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Myrtle Elizabeth Foil (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Daisy Mae Furr (Furr, NC)*

Mary Rebecca Hendrix (Concord, NC)*

Minnie B. Kluttz (Trading Ford, NC)

Sarah Effie Kluttz (Organ Church, NC)

Mamie Lefler (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Maggie Lentz (Dry’s Mill, NC)

Sallie Belle Lingle (Faith, NC)*

Esther E. Lipe (Concord, NC)

Florence Long

Rosa Ida Lylerly (Woodside, NC)

Emma Mae McAllister (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Maggie Cook McAllister (Mount Pleasant, NC)*

Margaret “Maggie” Lenora Moser (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Giles Ola (Newton, NC)

Rosa Irene Powlass (Cleveland, NC)*

Bessie Pearl Rendleman (Salisbury, NC)*

Lillie M. Ritchie (Gold Hill, NC)

Lillie V. Ritchie  (Govern, NC)

Mary Scott (Concord, NC)

Mary Blanche Setzler (Pomaria, SC)*

Lenna Lee Stevens (Bost Mills, NC)

Margaret “Annie” Welsh (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Lillian Elizabeth Wertz (China Grove, NC)

Claudia Wiley (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Ella Wiley (Mount Pleasant, NC)