The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

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Anna Letha Barrier (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Dora M. Barrier (Iredell, NC)

 Annie Barringer (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Agnes Wilhelmina Cook (Matthews, NC)*

Bessie Furr (Furrs, NC)

Fannie Lois Heintze (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Daisy Virginia James (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Mary Gertrude Kinard (Ehrhardt, SC)

Ursie Anna Lefler (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Lucile Marie Linn (Rockwell, NC)*

Wilma Long (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Margaret Elizabeth “Bessie” McEachern (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Anna Myrtle Misenhimer (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Nola Anzanetta Misenheimer (Copal Grove, NC)*

Anna Blanche Monroe (Rural Hall, NC)*

Annie Moose (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Cara Troy Reid (Jackson Hill, NC)

Josie Lenora Ritchie (Ritchfield, NC)

Mary Corilla Ritchie (Ritchfield, NC)

Lula Viola Sandel (Lone Star, SC)*

Rosaline Shuler (Selwood, SC)

Elma Rushing Welsh (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Sallie Myrtle Wertz (Ruff, SC)*

Mary Claudia Wiley (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Nancy Elizabeth Wiley (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Wilhelmina Rude Wingard (Springfield, GA)