Class of 1919: (Front Row) Mary Cooper, Elaine Moose, Martha Dreher, Marie Dreher, Rosa James, Nancy Y. Smith. (Second Row) ?, Amy Fisher, Viva Euliss, Fannie Corriher, Emma G. Heilig, ? Mary Lowder, Queen Graeber. (Back Row) Natalie Rugheimer, Lorene Brown, Rev. J. H. C. Fisher, Miss Bulla, Miss Ella B. Shirey, Helen Misenheimer, Rev. Goodman.


The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

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Gladys Barnhardt (NC)

Mildred Barrier (NC)

Muriel Bodie (NC)

Lorene Clark (VA)

Mary Sophia Cooper (China Grove, NC)*

Fannie Ray Corriher (NC)*

Marie Catherine Dreher ( NC)*

Martha Virginia Dreher, (NC)*

Ossie Dry (NC)

Viva Reginia Euliss (NC)*

Amy Louise Fisher (NC)*

Queen Estella Graeber (NC)*

Arlina Harrington (NC)

Emma Grace Heilig (NC)*

Rosa Allen James (NC)*

Mary Kindley (NC)

Margaret Lanham (GA)

Mary Lee Lowder (NC)*

Pearle Naomi Lyerly (NC)

Edna McKindlley (NC)

Julia Catherine Miller (NC)*

Ruby Bess Misenheimer (NC)

Lucile Elaine Moose (NC)*

Maude Nussman (NC)

Nita Sloop (NC)

Mary Young Smith (NC)*

Mabel Sowers (NC)

Lillian Pearl Teeter (NC)*