Click here to see a full list of students enrolled at Mont Amoena for 1916-1917.

The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate
C: Classical Course, E: English Course, P: Piano, V: Voice

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Eumenes Elizabeth Alexander (NC)*

Willie Allman (NC)

Elizabeth Barbee (NC)*

Lucile Beatty (NC)*

Stella Mae Blackwelder (Mt. Pleasant, NC) C*

Carrie Cauble (NC)

Roxanna “Roxie” Cauble (NC)*

Ruby Edward Cline (NC)*

Wannie Elizabeth Cress (NC)*

Mamie Crowell (NC)

Katherine Brown Fisher (NC)*

Helen Foil (NC)

Annie Fisher Foil (NC)

Mary Margaret Fisher (Mount Pleasant, NC)

Lila Furr (NC)

Mary Margaret Gnann (GA)*

Maggie Goodman (NC)

Josie Hahn (NC)

Lottie Mae Harkey (NC)*

Mary Jane Harris (NC)*

Helen Blanton James (NC)*

Nora Jones (NC)

Minnie Ketchie (NC)

Rosa Belle Kluttz (NC)*

Dora Lyerly (NC)

Jessie Mahaley (NC)

Georgia Miller (NC)

Stella Misenheimer (NC)

Ruth Williams Morrison (NC)*

Maude Lee Nussman (NC)

Launah Ozment (NC)

Cora Penninger (NC)

Lillian Grace Petrea (NC)*

Annie Lea Pless (NC)

Jessie Snyder (NC)

Laura Belle Taylor (NC)*

Mary Maudellen Ury (NC)*

Julia Von Ohsen (SC)*

Cora Ruth Walker (NC)