Mont Amoena class of 1927.

8th grade year, April 1925. Top row (l to r): Martha Shirey, Geneva Hahn, Verdie Cook, Daisy Lowder, ?, Edna Moretz. Middle row (l to r): Alice James, Jane Dry, Bernice Hahn, Dorthy Sullivan, Pauline Stallings. Bottom row: Marjorie Mittenbuhler, Verna Mae Hahn.

Sophomore class of 1925-1926,

Taken 6 May 1926. Top row (L to R): Verna Mae Hahn, Edna Moretz, Jeanette Wilson, Jane Dry, Bernice Hahn. Middle row: Alice James, Geneva Hahn, Madelene Sigmon. Bottom row: Verdie Cook, Dorothy Sullivan, Miss Mildred Blomgren (teacher), Martha Shirey, Pauline Stallings, Marjorie Mittenbuhler.














The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate
C: Classical Course, E: English Course, M: Music Course, B: Business Course

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Mary Agnes Allman (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Adele Blandine Anderson (Edisto Island, SC)*

Mary Ella Barrier (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Ruth Boger Barrier (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Viola “Pearl” Bernhardt (Salisbury, NC)

Elizabeth Biggerstaff (Asheville, NC)

Myrtle Blackwelder (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Margaret Cline (Salisbury, NC)

Virginia Cline (Concord, NC)*

Lala Irene Correll (Salisbury, NC)

Nemea “Numa” Cox (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Carrie Rebecca Dry (Norwood, NC)

Margie Earnhardt (Salisbury, NC)

Fern Eddleman (Salisbury, NC)

Jesse “Pauline” Fisher (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Miriam Foil (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Lenna Lucile Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Verna Mae Hahn (Mt. Pleasant)*

Bessie Hahn (Albemarle, NC)

Vergie Harkey (Gold Hill, NC)

Louise Harwood (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Della Herrin (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Jessie Ruth Isenhour (Gold Hill, NC)*

Martha “Cleo” Kluttz (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Fay Krimminger (Concord, NC)

Hortense Lemmel (New York, NY)

Ellen Linker*

 Ruth Lowder (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Lillian Miller (Concord, NC)

Shirley Moose (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Florence Morgan (Charlotte, NC)

Lolaree Morrison Overcash (Concord, NC)

Jane Penninger (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Annie Pless (Concord, NC)

Dorothy Richie (Salisbury, NC)

Frieda Smith (Concord, NC)*

Esther Pauline Stallings (Concord, NC)

Elizabeth Young (Concord, NC)

Miss Rachael Smith