8th grade year, April 1925. Top row (l to r): Martha Shirey, Geneva Hahn, Verdie Cook, Daisy Lowder, ?, Edna Moretz. Middle row (l to r): Alice James, Jane Dry, Bernice Hahn, Dorthy Sullivan, Pauline Stallings. Bottom row: Marjorie Mittenbuhler, Verna Mae Hahn.

Sophomore class of 1925-1926,

Taken 6 May 1926. Top row (L to R): Verna Mae Hahn, Edna Moretz, Jeanette Wilson, Jane Dry, Bernice Hahn. Middle row: Alice James, Geneva Hahn, Madelene Sigmon. Bottom row: Verdie Cook, Dorothy Sullivan, Miss Mildred Blomgren (teacher), Martha Shirey, Pauline Stallings, Marjorie Mittenbuhler.














The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate
C: Classical Course, E: English Course, M: Music Course, B: Business Course

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Mary Agnes Allman (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Adele Blandine Anderson (Edisto Island, SC)

Mary Ella Barrier (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Ruth Boger Barrier (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Viola “Pearl” Bernhardt (Salisbury, NC)

Elizabeth Biggerstaff (Asheville, NC)

Myrtle Blackwelder (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Margaret Cline (Salisbury, NC)

Virginia Cline (Concord, NC)

Lala Irene Correll (Salisbury, NC)

Numa Cox (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Carrie Dry (Norwood, NC)

Margie Earnhardt (Salisbury, NC)

Fern Eddleman (Salisbury, NC)

Jesse “Pauline” Fisher (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Miriam Foil (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Lenna Lucile Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Bessie Hahn (Albemarle, NC)

Vergie Harkey (Gold Hill, NC)

Louise Harwood (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Della Herrin (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Jessie Isenhour (Gold Hill, NC)

Martha “Cleo” Kluttz (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Fay Krimminger (Concord, NC)

Hortense Lemmel (New York, NY)


 Ruth Lowder (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Lillian Miller (Concord, NC)

Shirley Moose (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Florence Morgan (Charlotte, NC)

Lolaree Morrison Overcash (Concord, NC)

Jane Penninger (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Annie Pless (Concord, NC)

Dorothy Richie (Salisbury, NC)

Frieda Smith (Concord, NC)

Elizabeth Young (Concord, NC)

Miss Rachael Smith