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Mont Amoena class of 1927.


Following the suspension of Mont Amoena there were applications for admission to the 
Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute.
Nine were received as day students to finish their preparation for college.

The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

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Dorothy M. Barringer (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Ruby Beaver (Gold Hill, NC)

Frances Chadwick (Greenville, SC)

Verdie Mae Cook (Concord, NC)

Carolyn Crowell (Monroe, NC)

Janie Drye (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Amelia Durham (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Mary Harrison (Kannapolis, NC)

Vergie “Bernice” Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Ora Geneva Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Lela Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Verna May Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)*

Myrtle Hendley (Norwood, NC)

Alice Denning James (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Daisy J. Lowder (Gold Hill, NC)

Blanche Elizabeth McMullen (Clearwater, FL)

Marjorie Mittenbuhler (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Edna Ada Moretz (Boone, NC)

Addie Rinehardt (Rockwell, NC)

Martha Cook Shirey (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Madeline Sigmon

Margaret Elizabeth Stallings (Concord, NC)*

Esther Pauline Stallings (Concord, NC)

Dorothy Helen Sullivan (Lincolnton, NC)

Isabel Watson (Greensboro, NC)

Jeanette Wilson

Verlie Viola Winebarger (Boone, NC)