Class of 1914.


Class of 1914.












Click here for a full listing of students enrolled at Mont Amoena for 1913-1914.

The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate
A: Art, C. C.: Classical Course, E: English Course, Exp: Expression, L: Literature, P: Piano, V. C.: Voice Culture, V: Violin

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Mary Albron Beaver (NC) C.C.*

Celeste Bost (NC)

Elma Cauble (NC)

Adelaide “Addie” Marguerite Cline (NC) C.C., P., V.*

Ethel Blanche Gnann (GA) E., Exp., P., V.C.*

Laura Ellen Heilig (NC) E.*

Lillian Boger Heilig (NC) E.*

Esther Heishman (W. VA) C.C., P., V.C.*

Kathleen Hentz (SC) E.*

Lucile Kindley (NC)

Leona McCombs (NC)

Carrie Lelia Miller (NC) E., Exp., P.*

Helen Kathleen Misenheimer (NC) C.C., P., V.C.*

Hattie Della Moose*

Myrtle Maria Walker (NC) E.*



Prof. M. R. Adams (VA), P.
Ossie Dry (NC), V.
Mary Fisher (NC), P.
Bernice Long (NC), Lit., P.
C. C. Ritchie (NC), V.
Mrs. B. L. Stanley (NC), P.
C. K. Yonce (NC), P.