The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate

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Ina Belle Barringer (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Minnie “Venora” Blackwelder (Mount Pleasant, NC)*

Annie M. Bost (Bost Mills, NC)

Estelle M. Bouknight (Ballentine, NC)

Bobbie M. Brewer (Okahumpka, FL)

Lizzie Brown (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Lula Emma Buzhardt (Newberry, SC)

Constance “Connie” A. Cline (Concord, NC)*

Mattie E. Coble (Brick Church, NC)

Lulu M. Cook (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Winona Cook (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Madie C. Crowel (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Minnie E. Derrick (Pomaria, SC)*

Mollie J. Fisher (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Sarah Alice “Sallie” Fisher (Mount Pleasant, NC)*

Flora I. Furr (Furrs, NC)

Cleona Green (Garmond, NC)

Grace Gertrude Heilig (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Julia Houseal Hentz (Pomaria, SC)*

Zenith I. Layton (Mount Pleasant, NC)*

Lodemia Caroline “Callie” Lipe (Concord, NC)*

Emma Lipe (Concord, NC)*

Eunice E. Lorick (Irmo, SC)

Lula “Blanche” McAllister (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Martha “Patti” Alice Miley (Miley, SC)*

Mattie E. Miller (Bear Poplar, NC)*

Myrtle “Myrtie” Ida Miller (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Cora Lela Moser (Concord, NC)*

Lillie R. Nussman (Nussman, NC)

Elise Augusta Ortmann (Wilmington, NC)

Addie E. Patterson

Leah “Ida” Ritchie (Concord, NC)

Hortensia Elizabeth Shearouse (Springfield, GA)

Mollie A. Suther (Lexington, NC)

Beulah Patience Kimball Thom (China Grove, NC)

Agnes May Walton (Salisbury, NC)

Nell Wright (Enochville, NC)

Rosa K. Wyse (Columbia, SC)*