Class Motto: “Onward”
Class Flower:
Sweet Pea
Class Colors:
White and Green

The following students were listed in a course catalog as attending
as a member of this class, but may not have graduated from Mont Amoena. 

*Class Graduate
C: Classical Course, E: English Course

Click on the names in bold for additional information.

Margaret Kathryn Barringer (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* C

Emily Elizabeth Blackwelder (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* E

Frances Ethel Blackwelder (Concord, NC)* E

Mae Blackwelder (North Carolina)

Lynda Rebecca Castor (Concord, NC)* C

Laurel “Babe” Whitfield Dry (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* E

Gertrude “Gert” Elizabeth Furr (Harrisburg, NC)* E

Merle Lipe (North Carolina)

Jennie Josephine Hahn (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* E

Margie Harkey (North Carolina)

Margaret Ada Harris (Harrisburg, NC)* C

Daisy Esther Kluttz (Rockwell, NC)* C

Susa Carolina Kluttz (Rockwell, NC)* C

Lucile Lipe (Albemarle, NC)

Nora McCombs (NC)

Margaret “Lucile” Overcash (Concord, NC)* E

Mae Belle Petrea (North Carolina)

Mary Elizabeth Ridenhour (Concord, NC)* E

Temperance Elthy Ritchie (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* E

Thelma Marie Seaford (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* C

Ruth Winona Shirey (Mt. Pleasant, NC)* C

Estelle Stallings (North Carolina)

Mildred Stein (Mt. Pleasant, NC)

Beulah Taylor (Harrisburg, NC)* C

Ruth Amelia Terry (Concord, NC)* E

Annie “Pearl” Thompson (Salisbury, NC)* C

Virginia Wilkinson (Concord, NC)* E

Betty Williams (North Carolina)

Eva Wilson (North Carolina)